Tuesday, May 20, 2014

April 28, 2014

Family, Wow what a fast good week! Had some great experiences this week. but it just flew by! And seems like stuff is getting done back at home big bro getting engaged thats some crazy news! but nothing but love, support and encouragement for the love birds! but two months of waiting is pretty quick we'll see if anyone can top that! ;) haha but Congrats! Anyways what a great week! Monday i get a great big envelop from home that was full of so much love and support from so many people and i wanna thank everyone that wrote a letter and also a HUGE thanks to Lauren for always going that extra mile for me! In that letter there was some amazing words but for sure something that was for me was the story of Pushing Against the Rock that was sent by Jon Lovell. i had never heard it before but i knew that it was for me because after studying it and thinking about it prayers and more inspiration came. Things got real tho when the next day(tuesday) at zone conference the AP Elders Summers shared the exact story what an amazing experience! and thank you again for that story. but ya tuesday was zone conference which meant i was around Americans which was awesome. once again Elder Moorhouse and i had a great time catching up and cant wait till pres makes us comps one day. Zone conference was on consecration of ourselves it was power. but funny story as we were taking a break for lunch and Elder came up to me named Elder Bryant from Gilbert and he looked familair but i couldnt put him to anything until he said i know your little brother he knocked out one of my really good friends and then it clicked. i was dying! what a small world it truely is.but Zone conference we were asked to write a talk and i took a TCU motivational thing and changed some of the words to apply it to missionaries i felt inspired to do so, so since i wasnt able to share it at zone conference i'll send that in another email.But General Conference was this weekend and wow was it power it seemed to go by so so fast i learned a ton and loved so many of the talks. but truely this week i found a power scripture in my studies that applied so good to me.... Mosiah 23: 10-11: Nevertheless, after much tribulation, the Lord did hear my prayers and has made me an instrument in his hands in bringing so many of you to the knowledge of His truth. Nevertheless, in this i do not glory, for i am unworthy to glory of myself. It was powerful for me to read those few short verses and i hope it helps one of you as well. but that was pretty much the week. still working hard going out at 11 and coming home at 8:30 whether or not its tracting the whole time or not we are doing our best. I love you all so much! keep me posted! love ya LOVE, ELDER SORENSON

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