Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 12,2014

Family, Wow it was so great to be able to see and talk to everyone its nice to feel of all the love in a place where you dont get much. thats one thing i have really learned to cope with is staying happy with out much love! so thank you again for all you all do for me!! but anyways not much action this week my comp thought he was gonna get transfered so he slacked off alot, but we still were able to extend the Baptismal Commitment to 3 people all with in their 20's and they all excepted im so excited to see people i have felt inspired to knock on their door progressing. What a wonderful experience for sure. Africa is so much different that the states and i didnt realize how use i have gotten to these crazy things until i skyped but it was so nice to get refreshed from home! not much to share this week i shared alot on skype. but its transfers this week me and my comp are the same which he's not to happy with and then also Elder Bryan and Matambala are leaving and im really gonna miss those guys for sure. Elder Matambala is the best Zone Leader i have been around that guy is truly inspired and work his butt off every sec of each day. he has help me come to love contacting people im not as confident as him quite yet since he does give atleast 50 passlong cards and people each day which is crazy i can only get about 5. but you all met that crazy guy! i love you guys a ton and i cant wait for the next 8 months to just fly by so i can talk to you all again! Stay positive and motivated in whatever you do that is the only way to succeed! i love you! LOVE, ELDER SORENSON

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