Saturday, June 7, 2014

June 2nd 2014

The Family,
Long week. So first things first im glad everyone is going good back at home. Ben i know has probably had a tough week with his wisdom teeth but if that was tough for him he would've had a rough month going to the old guy i went to! Anyways im in a new place with a new comp but still trying to do all i can. Tuesday was a rough day had a 4 hour bus ride and then still went to the area for like 6 hours but it was good. This place, Madadeni, is pretty chill and very flat but its nice. it reminds me of Willcox or a place like that its not little ghetto shacks any more. Its been a change forsure with weather and all but most of all from my last area to here. My last area as we all know was walking and i worked hard there but here its driving and things are so much slower i honestly dont even feel like im working very hard but i dont have a choice cause i dont know the area yet! My comp is actually really cool guy and im loving my time with him we sometimes dont talk much but i continually pray to figure things out that interest him. he very stubborn as most african missionaries are but we teach very well together and i just have to continue exercising patience and love! He has a pretty cool story though and when you look at things through other peoples eyes you understand why they do certain things. For example he is from kenya and joined the church about 2 and a half years ago and has spent one year of that on mission so thats something i really gain respect for him over! but to be a leader you first must gain the trust, love and respect of those around you and my mission president has really seen me doing that so i think i'll probably be training in 3 weeks when the new transfer starts so its all going pretty good. just gotta get a nice warm jacket cause its like africas october right now and im already freezing. but if possible send me a few church movies like 17 miracles, Work and the glory, things like that cause i havent been able to sleep much here but it'll improve thats just mission you gotta always be exhausted or you are doing something wrong. i have really come to love reading tho which is nice cause i always havent liked it at all. i dont think i have finished a book in my entire life unless it was Dr. Suess but i read a 200 pg book in like 4 hours so its nice and the knowledge continues to grow! But anyways i love you all so much. looking forward to hearing from all of you next week and make sure to keep me updated! i love you

Service with the new comp chopping down trees and standing on sharp fences

              Elder Summers the AP in his last transfer

Me and Oleg (a member from Berea Ward) and chipeta

                                       Madadeni Chapel

                         My new legit American bead tie

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