Saturday, June 7, 2014

May 19th 2014

Fam Bam,
Wow it was a slow and very long week. My Comp wanted to get transfered cause he is sick of walking so he has really showed he isnt happy but this up coming week they might transfer him and i'll get someone new but we might not stay in this area. but some crazy news we got from our mission president today, Szawiland is no longer part of our mission. the gave it and the 14 missionaries and the senior couple to the Mozambique Mission cause i guess since jake left they need to bring in 16 missionaries to make up for it! haha but thats crazy news. but next week i could be leaving this area or atleast getting a new comp. so its exciting but will be a long week until my current comp is gone. not much to share really so i'll just share a cool talk from church. the lady did amazing! so she talked about Eagles and why in the bible and stuff people are compared to eagles. Anyways First an Eagle Flies the highest because the higher it flies the better it sees i applied this as we have high standards or we can see the bigger picture we are able to see whats most important and be able to see the temptations of satan better. Second, the eagle nests high in the mountains whichs is like the temple we need to set our sights on the temple. Third, they take time and make sure they build a beautiful strong comfortable nest in the mountains with their own feathers for warmth and comfort, which is like building our homes and making them an place of love and peace built on the principles of the gospel. Forth, eagle lays one egg per seasons so they care for they baby with their lives and they see is as an individual, we must care for childern tons and one by one salvation comes and even the sacrament comes one by one with broken and unique pieces cause everyone is different. Fifth the chick is fed the very best of every kill and we need to feed our families with the gospel or the very best that we have. Sixth, as the chick is ready to fly and leave he is scared and doesnt want to so little by little day by day the mama makes it a little more uncomfortable and takes the nest apart which trains the chicks core muscles and talons cause he has to hold on and balance and for this sometimes we have to be chastened by the Lord so we can hasten the work or even our progress. Lastly when the baby tries to fly he looses alttitude but the parents will fly down and catch the chick on their back and then the fly high with it there then they dump him off and the continues till the baby flies well. but this applies in so many ways but we need to help others as they fall or even allow people to help us when we get to close to the world. but theres another story with the eagle beut i wont share it now. but i hope everyone is doing great i hope things will get better for me out here very soon! i love you all so much!

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