Saturday, December 28, 2013

December 16, 2013

December 16, 2013 Fam Bam, So wow this week was pretty crazy. When I got here there was only one person with a baptism date and after this week we were able to get 4 other commitments for baptism on Jan 12. I hope they all with follow through! its insane loving someone you barely know the spirit really helps in that I can tell. Ben work hard in sem and church, I know everyone says that but it helps the more you know when you come out the easier your mission will be. high school and being popular means nothing when you're surrounded by a drama geek and black people all day! Ask Jake he knows like I've had to learn. my one piece of advice to you is to love those people that aren't as cool as you at school. talk to them and be nice to them, most of the time they are better people than the popular kids and athetes. but ya anyway this week went by quick but the days are so slow. it was a rough week though. I was able to try sugar cane for the first time though haha its different but its pretty cool. it reminded me of eating sunflower seeds haha dad you should send me some seeds haha! Africa is tough though. but I know I got help that I cant explain. Saturday we went up to Kosi Bay and visited the saints up there. we spent the night in a lodge that was for like honeymoons it was pretty sweet. sunday we went to church there. the church is in a back room of a hardware store one of the members owns it was so hot there I was sweating the whole time and beside the 4 missionaries that were there only 9 other members showed up it was a lot different but it was nice. the best part of the trip though was the drive home, we got to go through this huge game park and it was legit. I saw a ton of animals and got pics too so i'll send those and you all can see what I saw haha. but todays p-day and is also some African holiday so the internet shop was closed but the owner is amazing she came in and opened it just for us missionaries. shes the best. Anyway I got some Big News just now that we will be able to Skype (if it works) on Christmas Eve about 5:30 my time which is about 8;30 in the morning back in AZ. so i'll call if it doesn't work. I cant wait to hear some familiar voices. I love you all so much and cant wait to see you all again! LOVE, Elder Sorenson

Chopping Sugar Cane

Elder Sorenson and the Nzama kids
Church at Kosi

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