Saturday, December 28, 2013

December 23, 2013

December 23, 2013 Family!! So this past week went by slow it seems like! Probably one of the slower weeks I've had and one of the tougher. I'll be honest, Christmas here is lame. It's HOT and humid and if people celebrate they either leave town or are way to drunk to talk to. Seriously when we are driving down the road I feel like we're playing a video game trying to dodge all the drunks that are in the road stubbling and yelling. but most of our investigators are out of town for holidays and wont return till like the 10th of jan. but last Tuesday we had a crazy thing happen. we were just drving down this dirt road when I hear this loud bang and the passenger window right next to me is shattered I thought we got shot at first so I was just checking myself for any bullet holes but I was clear. what we think happened is a little kid chuck a rock at it. but anyways nothing to big this week. Friday I got mail! Yay! got my Christmas package from mom and dad and I regifted most of it along with some other ties. I also got letters from Mom, Lauren, Bro lesuar, the ostlers and sister amann. Thank you so much for all that! Saturday we went to Durban for the Christmas Party with about 100 missionaries that are on the coast! we had probably the best meal i'll have for the next two years, roast, chicken, enchiladas, rice, just everything it was good. but me and my zone sang in front of the other 100 people. I have sung more this past month than I have in my entire life. but after I met up with 2 guys from my mtc group, one African and the other was Sieverts. I miss that kid. he's having a rough time and its sad seeing it I wish I could help him and the others in my group that are also struggling but I cant just gotta pray and email them and let them know things will get better, even though I don't know if they will or not since I haven't been out long either. but in Durban we stopped by Victoria Street Market. that place is wild. its like a Chinatown in New York or San Fran but with no Asians and a ton more people. I was able to buy a couple cool things to send back home that hopefully will be there when I get back haha. but anyways heard it was a long week at home too keep loving and trying to be happy and doing whats right. Jake's got 7 weeks left and I got about 97 so yay! but I love you all so much!!! LOVE, Elder Sorenson
Christmas gifts with Gogo Nkwanazi and Sakile
Shattered Window

Christmas package from Mom and Dad
Action Shot

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