Monday, December 23, 2013

Johannesburg MTC 11-14-13

11-14-13 Hey mom dad and the family, I made it and im SAFE!! the mtc is weird here its not huge but its not small. theres only 6 americans that came with me.. elders Farmer, Peterson, Allen,Sieverts, and paige. Farmer is from idaho and is a cool kid and very friendly, Peterson is from richfield utah and is a nice friendly kid, Sieverts is from bountiful utah i think and hes a cool kid as well and Allen is the baby of the group he's 18 and is from texas he is the first elder i found in london hes cool and a little shy but not too shy. and Paige is 21 he dubbed himself "pops" sinces he's the oldest of the group he is kinda speical needs and knows alot of info theres no reason to argue with him even if you have the right answer he very talkative. but the flight from london to here was packed and i was cramped the whole time not fun at all. and didnt sleep much like i did from home to london cause from london to here i had a dream about home and everyone there and it made me pretty home sick. the weather here is okay in the building its pretty warm except a few rooms its not too much. the feed us lunch but i barely ate anything i have no appettie and i had an interview with the mtc Pres. President Reber, hes a great guy and it was good talking to him, him and his wife go home in January. its pretty nice though just everything is the opposite the drive on other sides of the road and other side of the car. but i miss you alot! its weird without you here but i love you a ton and cant wait for these two years to fly by. sorry its not too long of a letter but its all i got for now i'll get better for sure and im running out of time on the computer!!! I Love You LOTS, Elder Sorenson.

Elder Nkambule

Elder and Sister Hamilton
President and Sister Zackrison

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