Saturday, December 28, 2013

December 9, 2013

December 9, 2013 FAAAMMMM BAAAMMM, so the 1st full week is down and i'll be honest it went by really fast. it was a complete week of service and a pretty crazy week. I have yet to see a full sunny day out in the field. it has rained for 2 straight weeks but that's fine with me I rather have it be cloudy and raining than super hot and humid. so the week started off with me going to the post office and waiting 2 hours to send a package home for bens bday but its a joke out here haha I seriously can barely understand the people and they can barley understand me and the 10 words in know in Zulu its pretty funny I think tho I rather laugh at it than get pissed. we had service every where this week tho Wed we went to the Nzama's house to paint the ceiling in the living room and put a playset together me and one of the sons did the playset all alone and the other 3 elders started sanding the ceiling only to find that the cement is so old it would just fall apart so they just messed around and flirted with the daughters for 2 hours while I fixed up the playset. its frustrating sometimes but I just keep my cool and do my own thing. The work ethic of these elders is pathetic you get them all together and I feel like im at a comic convention haha Saturday morning for example we went to a members house to build her a garden and 6 of the 10 missionaries were there the work should've gone quick but 3 americans talked about there magic cards and the 2 Africans sat and watched and I was on my hands and knee doing work haha it was fun so I was fine doing all the service alone cause that way its atleast done right. sunday was my first sacrament in actual Africa and it was pretty good its awkward in church tho when some makes a joke in Zulu and everyone laughs and im just sitting there not knowing whats going on. my Zulu is coming I can do all the letters and vowels but after 12 weeks I could get transfer to another city or country that speaks an entirely different language. but for those of you that don't know where my area is its the Richards Bay Area but im serving about 30 min from there in a place called Port Dunford and Esikhawini but google map it haha. Sunday we always taught a sister whose 21 her name is Maphule and shes pretty cool we practically got her to commit to baptism and she showed how bad she wanted that. she was still confused about some things tho so we just invited her to pray about it. We'll probably get the real commitment next time but the spirit was so strong as we taught her about baptism, it was really cool. Sphiwe the 12 year old that live on his own is doing pretty good to his dad was in town and we were able to ask him for the permission to baptize him and he said with out question its fine. but the funniest is how some of the people out here think I look like Brad Pitt cause I remember when Jake first was out people said that to him too. As for Africa this week most of you know that Nelson Mandela died. the whole country is sad and some people are saying thing could get crazy out here but we'll see what happens. I was able to buy a newspaper from the day he died tho i'll send it home cause its pretty cool I was in south Africa when one of the biggest Africans ever died. its a different experience out here tho I have listen to some talks by John Bytheway that my comp has, that guy is an amazing speaker I wanna ask you guys to listen to them. Ben forsure should they are good. or for ben have him listen to "life is like a football game" by troy dunn. but that's pretty much my week im sorry the emails are so long but if you read the whole thing it proves you love me haha just kidding. I hope all of you are doing good keep me updated and send me pics I love you all so much and miss you all a lot. LOVE, Elder Sorenson

Elder and Sister Cook

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