Friday, March 14, 2014

February 10, 2014

Family, So wow pretty quick week but a lot happened. The teaching it going pretty great. we have about 10 on bap. date and we were going to have 2 baptisms this coming sunday but our branch pres, whose a complete joke, wants to hold the baptisms until you can interview some kids that are born in to the church so we can just have one big baptism. so by the time we have the baptism its gonna end up being like 15 to 20 people so ya! the mission "vision" is 2 baptisms a month and im just gonna follow my big bro and say that is a stupid idea! you aren't working very hard if you can only get to baps a month! i'll admit I don't work as hard as I should or want to but its coming to be productive! I love these people! its a weird feeling loving someone you barely know! But wow Jacob is home this week! that's gotta be one heck of a feeling knowing you are 100% done and are able to go home! I've seen somethings that he has seen out here in the Africa. these townships can get pretty crazy. Wed. a lady in one of the Branches died. she was a less active so I didn't know her but out here you just seen and hear somethings that you'll never forget. so Friday night we had a D.A. with the whole zone in our area for my comp since he has a week left. so we dropped everyone off at the house but then me and Sakurada had to run to the house that had the person pass to take them chairs and then they ended up having us do a short little service for them since the body arrived that night it was weird. I sat right by the coffin while the people all sang these Zulu African songs. then Saturday we had the service at the church and I had to carry the coffin with the Africans cause most are too strong but the weirdest was at the cemetery when I actually had to bury the lady while everyone sings these songs that sound like the our out of the lion king. but its different and fun something you only get in Africa and not in the states for sure! you defiantly get turned in to a man in a African mission! but that's all for this week! Love you ALL!! and Jacob you are a stud and love you lots! keep the attendance under 1000 at the homecoming or people will try to say they didn't come for you! haha I love you Guys! LOVE, The ONLY AFRICAN Elder Sorenson!

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