Friday, March 14, 2014

February 24, 2014

FAM BAM, Wow pretty long tough week not gonna lie. I got my new comp and he's got a pretty girly side to him and he doesn't care to respect me or care to listen what I have to say even though im probably the most successful missionary out here in his first 3 months. but whatever he can sit and listen while I teach as I have this past week! but no worries im still nice and I try my hardest to serve and apologize to him for everything even if its not my fault... Kill'em with Kindness... but anyways Wed. Sakurada wasn't feeling to hot so we took him to the hospital and then the senior couple took him down to Durban and he was there for a few days and I was with two African companions yay.. but Thursday I got a call from sakurada and the AP's saying the Sakurada and his comp are being Emergency Transferred to Bloomfontein because the missionaries over there 'lost the trust of the branch' and then the 2 problem missionaries are coming here. so yeah its gonna be me and 3 Africans in my house and none of them like or talk to whites and 2 mare 2 of the worst in the mission which seems like im always around such great company haha! but I was at a dinner appointment when I found/prompted to open my scriptures and I found (3 Nephi 22:7-10) and wow it applied to me perfectv those verses are in a song I remember from back home that I think was written by Rob Gardner, by the way mom I need that cd! Anyways im just gonnna keep doing me out here and I hope things will be okay the next 5 weeks of the transfer.. I wont lie im pretty dang nervous about all this. but President said after this transfer im for sure out of here so I hope I go up to Swaziland for the next 6 months! but enough Negativity, Yesterday was AWESOME! we had 5 baps and only the 5 converts cause the Branch Pres is too lazy to interview the other ones but it was sweet I was asked by 4 of the 5 to baptize them it was amazing! and we should have 5 child of records next week that we taught but cant interview or baptize which is lame but the week after we should have about 4 or 5 more convert baps so yeah works going go im getting rich out here in the gospel but not in missionary friends ha! but who cares about them they aren't the reason why im out here. anyways Sister Rogers was here and did get my package to me and I must say it is the prettiest one I have gotten no bumps or dents in it ha! but thanks for all the love and support from home you all are amazing and I love you all so much! love the people around you cause you don't know how much you love and care about them until you don't have them! Stay Strong and Always endure your trials its for your benefit and the Lord knows that they will make you strong if you endure them well! I love you so much!! LOVE, ELDER SORENSON

Sakurada and Alex at the hospital

Fire out in the Bush

Wacking the fire with a branch African style

Alex's new companion and a little girl named Luyanda

Vusi, Sakhile, Nothando, and Noneumiso (children that Alex baptized)

Cleaning the Font

Awesome shirt from Dad

Alex, Sacurada, Merile, and Sister Rogers

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