Friday, March 14, 2014

February 3, 2014

FAMILY, Wow it was actually a Super fast week. and its crazy Jake's got one more week left! congrats Big bro you did it! but this week was pretty nuts. Tuesday we took our two hour drive down to Zone Conference and it was pretty fun I got to see Moorhouse and Sieverts which was great! they are like my best friends and twins out here! but yeah zone conference was pretty good but long! they just talked about the reason behind stats and all that! The work out here is the same Gospel as back in the states but out here you just gotta do it a little different! sometimes things get tough but everytime they do I just tell myself ' that you are the light in the strom so shine bright'. these people don't understand what we are bring to their doorsteps. Tracting hasn't been too successful but the members have been. I think last week we only had about 5 for sures on bap date and now we are about 8 and all are from members friends. this week we met Sfiso and Nduduzo. they are my criminals, Legitly criminals its funny, but they commited and wanted to be baptized so that's when we began to meet with them. Thursday a less active, named Cindy Chriwa, I gave a blessing of comfort to the week prior told me that I was an angel and that my blessing was the exact thing she needed. she ended up taking care of everything she needed and was stress free. it was such a good feeling to see how happy she was. I told her only staying strong in the gospel can ultimately help her with everything through out life. Saturday we walked to the beach and my comp caught a chameleon and we also walked right passed a twig snake. I saw just the head and kept looking for the body but it honestly looked just like a stick! soccer is always fun tho. Sunday was good we had some less actives bare testimony and cry, even though it was in Zulu and I couldn't really understand much it brought the spirit. then that night we went to a members house for a quick lesson and within 5 min about 6 young boys from about 9 to 13 walked in and all wanted to be baptized and be taught by us! Miracles! so by next Monday we should have about 14 or 15 on bap date that should all go through as long as the can Know, Feel, and Do. That's pretty much the week! it was Awesome and I hope to have more of these! thanks for all the prayers and love it is much felt out here in Zulu land! I LOVE YOU ALL! have fun with the big guy coming home! don't miss me too much! Love, soon to be the only, ELDER SORENSON
My Zone

Sieverts and Alex

Elder Moorhouse, Sakurada, and Sorenson Trumping

Soccer Stadium

 The young boys of Bap

African Hotwheels

African Remote controlled cars

Shout out to Big Bro, Jake

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