Friday, March 14, 2014

February 17, 2014

Saobona Family! Wow Really fast week! so this past week was the last week of the transfer and of Elder Rogers Mission so we took his journal around and got it signed by the members but also had a few good lessons. Some of you don't know but his mom is coming to get him which will be awesome 1. cause shes American and 2. cause they'll be coming to church with me and my new comp this next week! this coming week we are going to be having 10 BAPTISMS so yeah I've been working my butt off teaching and loving these people all while having fun! next sunday is going to be one to remember. So Thursday night I was laying in bed and I was like okay its probably time for the big shot to be back in the USA! man its crazy Jake's home! I hear he is pretty skinny but that's what Africa does to you. I lost another notch on my belt this past week! also I have seen some beautiful pics of the gilbert temple! I wish I was there but i'll have to say Sam White is a pro photographer and sent me a legit pic! but thanks for all the love and support! This past Saturday we had a Youth Conference and we the missionaries were in charge of a bunch of classes. I was in charge of the Testimony and Tracting Class it was a blast see the power these kids, who some of them are the only member in their family, have when teaching and bearing testimonies! Its rare to see that back in the states and I know that I would've gone to church as much as I did if I was the only member! I was taught more by these young kids than i taught them! Africa is power! some of these kids could end up being the Brigham Young's and John Taylor's of Africa. Im so Thankful that i was brought up in the gospel. i know sometimes i was a punk and that i did a lot of stupid stuff that im not proud of and im sorry. but the past is the past and i'll leave it there! its already been three months and its gone by quick. but this up coming transfer i am getting a new comp. his name is Elder SSRENKUMA, from Uganda so we'll see how it goes! but for the next few days im a Zone Leader which is cool. nothing to big going on i haven't gotten any mail for a while and mail hasn't left cause there has been some mail strike which is lame but what can i do This is Africa... THE GEHTTO OF THE WORLD! enjoy the states for all you that are there. crazy people, gun shots and muggings get old. this place is so corrupt but i wouldn't trade it for anything! not many people can say they lived in Africa and have seen and heard the things i have! Mission you gotta have fun or it all will destroy you! Anyways Jake i love you and im so proud to have you as my African Brother! you did it bro! Happy Valentines Day to you all this past week i love you and wish i could see you all on holidays but out here holidays are just another day. i love you all so much! LOVE, The ONLY Elder Sorenson

Richards Bay District Youth Conference

Farewell Party for Elder Rogers

Making Mexican Food out in Africa

Cooking for a family during FHE

Mlondo Family

A random guy at the store respresenting America and Jesus like Elder Sorenson

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