Saturday, January 18, 2014

January 13, 2014

Fam Bam First Transfer down! it went by pretty fast for the most part. this past week elder sakurada got a new comp. he's from South Africa and is pretty cool but its also a awkward transfer cause really only the people that are coming from the mtc and that are going home got transferred last week and then this week is more transfers. its pretty out of wack out here in Africa but things for the most part are going good! my comp and I have 2 baptisms scheduled for next sunday and then we are also teaching about 5 more who will be baptized most likely in the next 3 weeks. among those 5 are three boys. Vuzi (16), Sakile (15) and Stew (11) they are great kids and we found them through soccer. its really fun teaching them and seeing their growth from lesson to lessons. this week we also saw a huge dead cobra in the road so I asked the members how often they see snakes and they said they see black mombas and cobras all the time. so that didn't comfort me too much when I have to walk through the bush to get to some houses. but it atleast makes things exciting! Africa is just so different the people just burn their trash and tires all the time and the air just seems so crappy here but its all good its only for a few years. Also this week we had to clean one of the boardings and paint it so the elders staying there came and stayed in my boarding for the past 3 days and its pretty fun and legit cause Moorhouse is there and we just talk about stuff and we are pretty much the same person. its nice having someone like that around who gets what you are talking about. so that is pretty much the week! I love you all and miss you a ton! Love, Elder Sorenson
Saturday's Soccer Service

Trash Can Fire

The Usual Cows in the Road

Elder Sorenson Driving Stick Shift in South Africa

Four Foot Long Dead Cobra (gross!)

Walking through the Jungle to the Beach to play Soccer

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