Saturday, January 18, 2014

January 6, 2014

Long Week! This past week felt like it was never going to end. Tuesday was new years eve and we weren't gonna go out to the area cause there were so many drunks so we were just sitting at our house and I was like lets just go out to the area and figure out what to do when we get there. the other elders out here are ridiculous NO work ethic... but we got to the area and me sat down next to a guy and ended up teaching a really good 30 min lesson. after it was starting to get crazy so we just headed to a members house and I wanted to go to the beach cause I have been here for 6 weeks and haven't been to the beach and its in my area and like a mile from where I am everyday. so I ask the member boys to show us the way. we had to walk through the jungle it was sweet but the path keep getting smaller and smaller and then it just opened up to the beach it was sweet. then later that night we were with member and watching them light fireworks off. other than that nothing really happened this week we did go back to the beach on Saturday this moorhouse and played some soccer it was fun with him but I got a little sunburned which is lame. Sunday was fast sunday and it was great we had 61 people there instead of the usual 40 and also about 8 investigators. most of the ones getting baptized next week didn't come so we'll probably have to push back their baptismal dates. but the one that did come is Sezwe he's 8 and its just a ball of energy but he came to church with a bad stiff neck so me and elders rogers gave him a bless and when we went to visit with him later that day he was getting better. we taught him the last lesson and since we are a group of 3 missionaries and Elder Sakurada is district leader he was able to interview sezwe for BAP. so we have for sure one baptism next week its legit because Sezwe was one that I started with from the First lesson he's a great kid and super smart. but that was pretty much the week. this week is tranfers but im not going anywhere so it doesn't really matter. I miss you all so much and I hope you all have a Great week! I love you Love Elder Sorenson
Mission Year 2014


Touching the Indian Ocean

The jungle

Heading to the Beach

The Indian Ocean and the Sun

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