Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January 27, 2014

The Fam, So another week down but for some reason time flew by but it feels like forever since last Monday. It was a really tough week for me personally but the missionary work is all going good. we got another 5 Baptismal Dates for the 16th of Feb which is great to see progression in so many people. Finding people out here is extremely difficult cause we are just little white boys going through teaching all these black people. we rely heavily on the members to introduce us to people to teach and so far its worked very well. we also have to work hard with reactivation but that's almost everywhere in the church. but lets talk alittle about the past week. last Monday after emailing my comp wasn't feeling to good. when we got back to our house he vomited a little blood which wasn't good so we decided to take him to the hospital so we went and ended up being there for about 7 hours and right as we got called back a guy came in on the ambulance so all the doctors rushed to help him and at the same time I walked out to tell the other elders what was going on and I saw the Doctors doing cpr on the guy. we were informed a little bit later that the guy pasted away. it really opened my eyes on how precious life is, when a guy that went to work one morning and ended up dying that afternoon it was a weird experience. my Comp ended up being dehydrated so no biggie there. Tuesday Moorhouse Got transfer which sucks cause I lost one of my best friends out here, but with loss I gained a package from The Whites with some many goodies its was Amazing! Wed. we had a zone meeting and they were talking about stats and it was so annoying I finally couldn't take it and told them that this is so stupid and that these stats and plans they have a garbage. these aren't Stats these are People and then we went into an hour long discussion and everyone agreed with me that I was right. Thursday was a very hard day for me and I didn't know if I was going to last much longer out here I didn't feel worthy. then I realized its just satan using the past to make me want to go home! As I taught lessons I reassured myself through the spirit that everything will be okay! that's pretty much the week. I hope I don't have to live this week again!! LOVE Elder Sorenson Pictures this week are a package from the Whites, A Hospital trip, a monkey, the duck dynasty brothers, the garden after a few weeks, some member girls that introduced us to friends that now have Baptism Dates.


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