Tuesday, April 8, 2014

March 3, 2014

Family, Wow probably the toughest week of mission and of my life. honestly idk whats going on. I'm in my head way to much about things that have happened in the past and was pretty close to calling it quits this past week. I feel the Spirit super strong at points but then other times satan is destroying me big time! me and my new comp don't talk much and I try my best to show love and talk with him but he's a grump and I don't think he likes me much. when we are at the house the 3 Africans just speak in another language and I either turn the shower on and sit in the bathroom and listen to the water run or I go sit in the car and listen to music. I have never been on my knees more than I have been this past week! Africa Sucks sometimes its nothing like home and the only person that knows is Jake. But Besides all that garbage the week was pretty good but very crazy. as I still work hard and not show the depression or sadness experience comes. So Sakurada left on Tuesday and then Wed. I found out the Africans were all talking crap behind my back. Thursday we went to the area about 10:30 and tracted for about 5 hours then I felt prompted to go to a Less Actives house as we pulled up I heard loud cries and sobbing. we got out of the car, or I did, to help and I found out that their 8 month old son had fallen into a bucket of water and drowned. so Saturday we went to this weird funeral and they were singing/yelling/dancing in Zulu and then I had the opportunity to dedicate this little grave behind the house in the back yard. it was a different experience to say the least. Sunday was different as well. I fasted for comfort hoping I would receive some that was much needed. We also ended up rushing around for the baptisms of the Children of Record that we weren't in charge of but ended up being cause are branch pres is lazy and careless so I had the opportunity to baptize three more young kids which was great. my comp though is rough and doesn't like fun. we got ditched for a lesson this week and I knew we had an hour till our next one so I went out and played with some kids I taught them football and everyone is amazed how far I can throw its funny. but one of the coolest things this week was last night at our dinner appointment. so just to clarify this past week I have given every lesson at FHE's and DA's so last night wasn't any different. so as we sang the opening song I sang and looked through the scrips for a thought. I ended up finding something in the Book of Mormon as right as I was about to share I felt like It was going to be good enough so I opened the bible to John chapter 4 with Jesus and the woman at the well and the water Christ offers to all of us and as I shared this the spirit was strong and then one of the daughters said that the past few days she had been really thinking about the exact thing I shared and that she was so grateful for everything I had shared. but that was pretty much the week! we got interviews with President on Wed so i'll talk with him the things im thinking and feeling and we'll see what he decides to do! but I love you so so much and im trying to honor my Family and Heavenly Father in everything that I do! Hopefully i'll be talking to you all next week! I LOVE YOU Love, Elder Sorenson

letter with church program, dollar, and picture of Lo

Scelo is the tallest boy

Mathe boys - Very smart kids!

Rice, Chicken, Beetroot, Pumpkin, and chowslaw

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