Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April 7, 2014

Fam Bam, Tough week not gonna lie. So this week was transfers, i got sent down in to durban town which i was excited about so i get there and im staying in these apartments just outside of the big city and i thought it was gonna be these nice houses which it is except this township just outside the city and yupp you guessed it thats where i am. its Exteremly hilly and just little shacks or house that were built by the government. nut walking its the greatest here its one of the toughest areas in the mission, im walking up or down on 45 degree angles all day long. but on the upside i'll be dropping weight and gonna have some calves and buns of steel. Lets get real the transfer i have to move is the toughest. so i come to the new area and the day i arrive i get the flu and an ingrown toe nail so ya you can imagine walking those hills not being able to use your nose or walk vey well. but went to the doctor for my toe and kinda got it fixed but it was infected and all so its purple and sore still. but my new comp is elder Chipeta and he isnt Mr. Positive but im just trying to just go with the flow for the most part and be humble and love him. but anyways idk how many pics i'll be sending here its not the safest place and my comp doesnt wanna take pics for me cause "im just an american that wants to show my family how crappy africa is" but whatever i dont care. just trying to be happy in the tough times. saturday we went to a funeral and it was like 5 hours long and i didnt understand one word. but church was great its nice being in a ward again and having it all in english. im serving in the farthest stake away from AZ, pretty crazy. im missing the temple alot these days i just wants some Peace and somewhere to feel loved! but i love you all so much! hope you all have a great week! LOVE Elder SORENSON

The view from my boarding, rocking my Dodgers shirt.


Me and the monkeys.

Me and Elder Bryan


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