Wednesday, April 9, 2014

March 17, 2014

FAM BAM! Tough week but im just staying positive! so this past week I went on exchanges with the zone leader, Elder Davenport, he's a legit nerd but he's cool and a very very good zone leader. then Thursday I went on another exchange with Elder Wesonga from Uganda he's a cool kid but has been through so much! I look up to him a lot for all he has gone through. he was put in the military at 17 and then his girlfriend was murdered while he was out on mission! pretty crazy things out here in Africa these days. but missionary work is going okay! my comp doesn't seem like a big fan of me but im learning a lot he is very good in the bible which helps with the bible bashers but its going okay for the most part we got 4 baptisms coming up at the end of the month and a lot more that will come after I get transferred which is lame for me cause I wont see the results of all the hard work but im so happy for them! I've learned that if you love someone and show them you love and care about them they will do anything and tell you anything! for me Love and support are my most powerful tools out here! But lets get to something exciting.. So Tuesday Elder Davenport and I tracted into this house and the lady started crying saying she hates her fiancé and that he beats her and all this stuff so we did what we could to comfort her but Saturday night we are at a FHE/Bday at the Nzama's which is like 100 yards from this house and we hear two gunshots, which it isn't rare to hear cause of all the crazy people out here, but we later found out that the husband was drunk and probably beating his girlfriend and she got the gun and had shot himin the leg. Pretty crazy stuff haha gotta stay on my toes. but things are good I haven't felt in danger at all out here! things just make life exciting! Anyways the Bday party was for Sondile whose a great member that helps us teach a lot so I bought him a cake and gave him some candy and a ball and he was so excited! I will miss these people a lot out here when im transferred but that's not for 2 more weeks but i'll keep you all posted on where im going and who im with! I love you all so much! Family I hope you are all having fun on the cruise and being Happy! I love you all! LOVE, ELDER SORENSON
Me Davenport and Sondile on exchanges

Elder Klingler

Elder Wesonga

The boys I gave the catapults to

The boys I gave the catapults to
Bubble gum/games/Goodtimes





 Birthday Party for Sondile

Service - FREE Car Wash

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