Wednesday, April 9, 2014

March 24, 2014

Family, Wow so looks like the Fam had a good fun week on the cruise. its funny seeing the Pics and ben is bigger that jake. Looks like jake is officially the Little Brother. just kidding. anyways looks like i'll have to be rocking a 6 pack when I get back so we can be triplets. or I can just not get a 6 pack and keep all the good looks I don't wanna be at an advantage. But anyways what a week... at first it was going smooth then me and my comp argued a little cause he has this speaker system the he blares loud and I turn it off when he's out of the room or when im praying and so he flipped, It was close to going over board but I keep my cool. 1 more week and I better be out of here! I cant wait to find out where im going on Saturday. idk when i'll be emailing next but i'll let you all know as soon as possible. my comp is a joke but I am learning a ton! he loves tracting and I haven't done much of that before he came. my way was way more productive, members help a lot more than knocking on a door. but we switch off on driving everyday and it is hilarious watching him drive stick ha the truck isn't gonna last much longer with him in the drivers seat but anyways we were driving down this dirt road and he looks at a girls and waves while driving and ended up running into the car infront of us it was a joke I just sat in the car for the first five min and watched the guys scream at him then I got out and got everything calm we had to wait for the zone leaders to come so I chatted with this guy for like 30 and ended up doing work I got him a Book of Mormon and all that jazz but he was super interested and happy after talking but then we went to the police station for an hour it was just all a funny experience. A scripture that I loved this week tho was Alma 26:12, i'll leave it to you all to find out what it says. but for the most part im just waiting for Saturdays transfer news but im still working hard to the end. I love you all a ton!! Stay Happy and Smile in the tough times nothing makes a hard time better than a smile! I love you! Love, Elder Sorenson

 My favorite little kids KK and Tulane

 Ma Mthalane who has a daughter in St.George and the only lady that travels to the states.


Buthelezi Family that feeds us each Thursday! Amazing Fam

Sphiwe, my first baptism and Ayanda

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