Tuesday, October 7, 2014

August 11, 2014

The Fam,
Pretty slow week but things were good for the most part. We said bye to Elder Ng'ambi on Tuesday and later that day Elder Greene arrived. Im so pumped to have Greene. its my first time ti be around an athelete my whole mission and just a chill missionary. every morning we wake up and go throw either a baseball or football its nice, even last night (P-day Eve) we just chill all night and did some fun things and cooked random stuff. bu anyways the work is progressing nicely and everything is going really well. Next week we have 6 baptisms. 1 family and then 3 boys of a part member family are getting baptized its gonna be awesome. This week we had some power lessons, sometimes i wish i wasnt training cause Odama with speak and teach complete false doctrine and then i'll have to correct it but he is getting better and alot smarter in the missionary work. but one lesson this week was with Sister Jabu a lady who has been taught by missionaries for years and still hasnt decided to be baptized cause she doesnt want to leave the traditional church called Shembe (or Black Jesus Church). We prepared a powerful lesson on testimonies and tried to help her realize how its important and after we explained a few scriptures i said 'now we'll watch a story of a boy that wanted a testimony' and threw in the Restoration dvd. It seemed to hit home but i dont know anymore cause since i have been in this area i have had some of the most powerful lessons of my mission with her but she still isnt getting it, im trying to just peel the onion a few layers to figureout what the real issue is. but also we had a great lesson at the Hugh family home evening we do every thursday night(32 people this week). i Started with a bowl of nice pure vanilla ice cream (which is like us when we first come to earth.)coupled with the scripture 1 Cor. 3:16. then went to D&C 68:25 and cut up a banana and put on the ice cream(parents teachings, love, support, etc.) next came Mosiah 13:29-30 and added some sprinkles (covenants and ordinances) after came 2 Nephi 2:25 with the cherry on top (which was Joy) after we had this nice sundae prepared and everyone was literally licking their chops i had someone walk outside and get a handfull of dirt and as he dumped it on i read 1 Cor. 3:17 which the dirt represented the unclean things of the world but we ended with Moroni 10:32 which talks about becoming perfected in Christ. it was a very nice lesson/ visual aid. Other than those few things nothing to exciting but this morning we all traveled about 30 min to go buy some Biltong which is kind of like jerky but more natural it was nice! not much else. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Katie this week hope you have a great one and also Happy Wedding to Jake and Megan hope you all have a good day! I love you all a ton and make sure you keep me posted!
Elder Greene and I.

Elder Odama and I

Playing Some soccer with Siyabonga and Sanele waiting for Bap interviews to get done for them.

Section 4 FHE

. Ice Cream Sundae Lesson.

P-day Eve Midnight Nerf Wars.

Nerf Wars with Green.

Snowy's Biltong (Best in S.A.)

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