Tuesday, October 7, 2014

July 14, 2014

Fam Bam,
Well another week down, this one flew quick which was nice for a change! i have really tried my best to make everyone in my boarding/ district laugh when we are all together cause there has been alot of tension between the other companion so im just trying to lighten up the place. so one night this week i Crockpotted some sweet chilli chicken and also made some cheesy potatoes so when we all got home that night we all chowed some food together around the open oven as we talked and stayed some what warm. its been a nice week! looking back now i have cooked alot this week! for Thursday i got up early and made some choclate chip cookies for a family home evening that night ( since people out here have no idea about American cookies) but that F.H.E. was amazing. We had it at the Khumalo Families home who alone are 10 people but then we went around and invited members and less actives it turned out so nice we had about 27 people there and also a family that we are teaching came and the mom volunteered to host it at her home next week it was awesome! and i gave a great lesson. The lesson was one the Light of Christ so i gave everyone a paper and a pen, turned out the lights, and gave them instructions on what to write while they couldnt see then we turned the lights on and we had some funny pics but then went into how Christ is our light and that we need him to light our paths so he can help us make good choices and so on. but the rest of the week went very nice and everything fell into place and me and my comp are having a good time together. i cant believe today is my 245th day thats crazy im over 8 months now is going by fast. but anyways today was a good p-day. we woke up early, cleaned a little then we headed out to a Lion farm to hangout with some baby lions it was pretty sweet but anyways i hope everyone back home is doing good! Happy Birthday to Lauren on friday and hope all goes well for everyone this week keep me posted. next week we have Zone Conference and i dont know when i'll be emailing or even if i'll be able to but im excited for Zone Conference, we'll have Elder Kevin Hamilton there of the 70's and we'll ee if he'll remember Jacob since it was a few months ago that he interviewed him before her went home! but i love you all!
Elder Sorenson
Dinner that I cooked for everyone.
District dinner that I cooked for everyone.

Playing some old school Duck Hunt and Galaxian with Andile/Siabonga and Aphiwe.
Khumalo Family Home Evening,
Treats at the FHE
The Lion Den!


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