Thursday, October 9, 2014

Sept., 1, 2014

Fam Bam,
Well probably one of the fastest weeks of my mission. it all started monday with the game drive where we had a nice chill time at this very fancy lodge in a place called Nambiti. whats great is everything for americans is so cheap here so we can do alot of fun stuff. but we had a great time and you will all will see from the pictures but we got within in 20 yards of all the animals i have photos of it was pretty legit. but the fun had to end and tuesday we were back to work. that night at a family home evening i came up with a great analogy, or what i think is a great one. i cant really remember what the discussion was about but i told them that life is like a puzzle and we are just a piece to complete the puzzle we need all the pieces but we gotta make sure that we are the piece that we need to be or the puzzle needs us to be, we cant be a square when we need to be a was nice but through out the week there were ups and downs as always but i was able to go on exchanges with Elder Greene which was nice as we walked and tracted as many people as we saw we had fun doing it chucking rocks at cows and just enjoying the time doing the work. also in the week as Odama and i walked around we saw a kid crying while his mom was doing everything to help him walk down the street, we saw them coming and just kind of ignored it but as soon as we past them i felt to go help as i walked across the dirt township road i said hello and had a brief conversation with the mother in Zulu then bent down and gave the child a smiley face sticker and he stopped crying right away idk if it touched the family at all but it did get me to thinking why Jesus Christ wanted to suffer the little children to come unto him because with those children the spirit is easily present, and you feel great help those in need. but Saturday was a busy day we attended a funeral and they asked me to speak on the Plan of Salvation and also Resurrection i was a bit nervous to speak to 200 non-members and people i dont know but it went well. On the way back from the funeral we saw a bad taxi accident where 2 went head on on the highway we saw a few lost souls and others badly injured, the things you see out here are pretty crazy. Saturday night we were at our Branch Presidents house who is the chillest guy ever and one of my favorite if not the favorite african leader i have been around. he said he was in a bit of a jam with the funerals and with prep for church tomorrow so he asked me if i could teach the combined priesthood and relief society back home i would've ditched church the next day but i excepted and taught a powerful lesson on converted unto the Lord a talk bye Elder Bednar and stressed about testimonies and conversion. but all in all i was a pretty good week yesterday after church was a struggle we just contacted people all day and got yelled at but its pretty funny and now that my knowledge of the gospel is pretty deep and i know how to discern people pretty good things are easy and i just laugh at those annoying people. But i hope all is well i love you all a ton.
Elder Sorenson
Springbok Lodge the lodge that we went to for the game drive in Nambiti, we payed 25 dollars worth and right went we arrived the brought us nice lemonade and warm towelets ha, we saw lots there from the average Zebra, Kudo, and giraffe to the hippo, water buffalo, and the only cheetah in the whole 22,000 acre game reserve, we didnt get to see any elephants lions or rhinos but while editing the pics i saw an elephant off in the distance of one of the pics

 i killed a chicken for a member family for their dinner

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