Thursday, October 9, 2014

Sept., 15, 2014

Things are going nice out here in the work! The work in this area is very easy but i still try to improve each day. you can tell its easy when the hardest thing and most drama you gotta put up with in the week comes on Monday when i gotta email. but nothing really matters to me besides this work and changing the lives of the people here, whether things change at home or people change im gonna do what i gotta do. Anyways We had a very successful week and while most missionaries seem to take the day off when it comes to there bday and the end of a transfer i worked and we had only a few appointments the day of my birthday so we just tracted in the 95 degree weather and just did work. we got another 4 men on bday this week so hopefully they will all go through and Sacrament was a record high with 136 which is almost 70 more people than what we had when i arrived. My Bday was great and thanks to all those that sent me some bday wishes, the people here did so much for me and showed alot of love on my bday but now im 20 and all my bday was was just another day on mission. we did have a little fun thursday night for 9-11 we went and got some fireworks and lite them off where the whole city could see then i went back and baked my own cake and decorated my house with all the stuff Lauren sent to me for my bday all that stuff made the bday much more special. so nothing to big i gonna share with the family today but transfers happened and nothing changed in my boarding. its still me and Odama now going on to 4 and a half months.. yay.. but at least elder Greene is still around  and we'll be able to have a good time together! But for all those still questioning, theres Still only one girl not anyone else, so dont get to crazy with ignorant comments. " Of things both in heaven and in the earth, and under the earth; things which have been, things which are, things which will shortly come to pass, things which are at home, things which are abroad;... That ye may be prepared in all things when i shall send you again to magnify the calling whereunto i have called you, and the mission which i have commisioned you." The Lord will instruct and teach me anything that i need to learn or know whether it pertains to my mission here in africa or else where but either way we should see the Lords plan for us is the same no matter what happens. I love you all!
Elder Sorenson

9-11 fireworks showing love.

Transfers saying bye to Elders Payne, Marumo, and Childs

 Another bday party the day after my bday and the gave me a zulu hat and zulu shirt

Got my packages from home with my bday Bat

Elder Brown came and played me Happy Birthday.

Baking my own cake and having my own party with all the bday supplies Lauren sent me in my bday package.

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