Tuesday, October 7, 2014

August 4, 2014

The Fam,
     Well another week down and also another transfer down. Nothing changing between me and my comp since im still training him for another 6 weeks but its fun. He is an easy and happy guy to be around even if he is pissed and i laugh at all he cracks up. Although he isnt the brightest im enjoying the time with him no complaining or aruging. but anyways there are changes in our apartment. Elder Ng'ambi is leaving and im sad about that cause he has been an amazing District Leader and is just a very chill laid back guy. replacing him is Elder Greene who i know pretty well, a few months back i sent a picture home from zone conference with me Bryant Moorhouse and Greene but he is a ball player and a stud so im excited to have someone around that i'll be able to play catch with. Thats pretty much it for transfers this time though. So lets go to the week.. This week was pretty crazy. Tuesday we got out to the area and i decided to park at this less active Gogo's house and just walk to our appointment for the first few hours of the day to save mileage so as we walked to the gate to tell Gogo we would be leaving the car outside i saw her old old crazy dog was off the chain and that it was roaming the yard so i told my comp i wasnt going in there since that dog is crazy and he said "come on, im here i'll protect you. dogs love me' which is fun cause this little skinny african guy probably couldnt even protect me from a bird but anyways i told him no and that he can just go walk up and tell me and i'll wait behind the little gate. As he walked up this dog started limping to him and it cam smelled his shoe then he tried to push it away but the thing some how got some energy and attacked his hand. it barely cut his finger but he started yelling at the dog and i was dying from laughter outside the gate. i wish i would've videoed it. after the dog we went to the few appointments and as we walked to the car he thought he should go to the doctor for a paper cut sized wound but long story short the doc said he was fine. but the missionary work here is going very well  the two sisters from last week got confirmed yesterday and also in 2 weeks we have a family getting baptized so another 6 that got interviewed yesterday. The unity of the branch is also coming together and we can see it in church attendance. since i have arrived we have only hit 100 people at church twice in 10 weeks and yesterday we had 121. it was crazy and super nice to have the place filled, hopefully we can increase it even more. We had a nice lesson Thursday about forgiveness that i taught at the big family home evening and we chowed some nice american brownies that i made. i'm cooking like crazy here but the people love everything from america so i keep it coming cause it motivates people to come to things that we need them at. This is by far my favorite and best area so far i love the people and the work here and now that im getting older on mission i can really see things in a different way when it comes to teaching and contacting people its nice to now how to discern people and how to get them to listen and invite you to come teach them! this area is and will continue to be very productive. I love you all a ton and continue to keep me posted.

Brownies with a peanut butter frosting for the Forgive FHE we prepared

My pimped out planner all from different liahona magazines

Saying bye to Elder Johnson. 

Elders Esplin, Me, and Johnson.

Bye to Elder Ng'ambi as im wearing is swag sunglasses

Maloy family they are less active.

Amcore Dam for our District activity. 

Me on a huge kids slide at the park for the District activity

. My district from this past transfer, Aug.4.2014

Hello dear elders,
    Thank you for the wonderful evening of testimony and camaraderie last night. You are each inspiring to us; we admire and thank you for your devotion and enthusiasm. We wish you well as you embark on new horizons this transfer. 
    Here's a little gem I came across as I began the Book of Mormon anew this week. We don't often think of Nephi as a missionary. He was more the Brigham Young of the new world, the colonizer so to speak. But chapter 6 verse 4 shows that he did indeed view himself as a missionary. 'The fullness of my intent…' I love his wording, his example, and am so grateful that we have his testimony preserved in the Book of Mormon. 
Love to you fellow disciples -
Sister Herrington

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