Thursday, October 9, 2014

August 25, 2014

The Fam.,
Wow this week was pretty crazy lots of things went on but it was all good for the most part. but we'll start with a while back in the week the Ap's called and gave us some apperication for the hard work we are putting in cause i guess we are leading the mission in some of the stat catigories, so that was nice to have someone show their love for all the hard work that Odama and i have put in these past few weeks. but this week was a tough one but i enjoyed it. Tuesday, Wed, and Thurs i had the flu which wasnt fun but Thursday it left but it took my voice with it so from thursday till now i havent had a voice at all but it has came back a little today. but with no voice you can just imagine how teaching was... it still went well just Odama had to talk a little more which was good for him anyway to get more comfortable with teaching and i was able to listen more, discern and rely on the spirit to speak. we had some absolute power lessons this week and add about 4 more Men on to the Bap date list. Two of them are Cebo and Sifiso, brothers who just came to church last week and we went and saw them, They Were Golden. they got a smoking issue but we'll handle that. I had a nice study time this week in which i read from Alma 48:7-10 about how Moroni knew that he always had to strengthen the weak points of the city, but you can look at that scrip and get so many things out of it and what i got was that we need to constantly prep ourselves and or families and homes for the battle against the enemy, whatever it maybe. but after saturday i was pretty sketched out with the things that happened, i'll save the story for one year but all i can say is the devil is real and very powerful out here in Afirca and he can possess people like in those horror movies everyone thinks are fake. im just glad im on Gods team. Sunday was a great day tho. in the morning we had church and all 6 baptisms from last week were confrimed it was an amazing experience to see a family that you found go from nothing to bao and confirmation and now preparing for the temple. After church we had about 3 lessons then about 2:30 we picked the other elders and went back to Newcastle because we had interviews with president Zackrison. i went last out of us 4 so i sat and talked with Sister Z. for about 3 hours then i was able to go in and we just talked it was nice for about 40 min we just talked about the area and the mission and how we can work to improve it. he told me he trust me alot more than most and that he has seen the results of being an athelete before mission. That man has helped me so much and what i found out today is he worked at McConkies Law Firm Across from the Joseph Smith building in Downtown Salt Lake, and i remember seeing that building when i was up in Utah last year for conference. Cool stuff but anyways pretty good week but now its the start of another but today we are doing some fun stuff. Greene and I both work our butts off during the week but when it comes to pday we play hard. Work Hard Play Hard. And today we are going to one on of the best Safari's in South Africa, im pumped. I love you all and continue to keep me posted!
Just doing some tracting and decided to crash a random funeral and got some free food out of it...
And meet my new comp Elder Ekom from Uganda but claims he's from Chicago

Mills got Emergency Transfered to replace a trouble maker and then the trouble maker came here to be with Greene.

My singing birthday card!

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