Monday, October 6, 2014

June 30, 2014

   Its official im training a new missionary and i am the youngest trainer in this transfer. my new comp is Elder Odama from Uganda and is about 25 years old. Its tough training he isnt super bright and doesnt understand me too well but im trying to be patient and love him. but it has been a long week to say the least. Saturday was interesting because during studies my comp told me he didnt know Christ appeared in the Book of Mormon, so for the next hour instead of training i did my best to help him understand i busted out the movie The Testaments, we watched the last 20 min of it when Christ comes and also had him read in 3 Nephi 11 at the end he said he understood and that it makes sense. Im trying to help him realize how important that experience it thats what sets us apart as a church and religion and set the Book of Mormon apart from every other book! And sense i got my package this week i gave him two of the dvd's that came in it since i had already gotten them from the mission office but hopefully i'll train him good im trying my hardest and trying to do my best but its like having a little kid around its stressful and exhausting, he cant understand me too well and it gets pretty depressing but it is what it is and i got another 11 weeks to do all i can. Although this past week was long and frustrating we had some pretty good lessons. Thursday we met a lady named Thabile Maseko at a less actives house and we arranged to go visit her on saturdayso when we went by one Saturday we showed lots of lots and care and they were so happy to visit with us. My comp invited them to be baptized but he said it quietly and no one knew what he said so i got his back and we set them up on a b-date they are an amazing family and the ended up coming to church and being some of the first people there it was an awesome experience to see. but anyways Friday and Saturday nights get pretty crazy in these African Townships most people are drinking and its pretty funny sometimes when guys that can barely walk come and try to yell at us with my past comps we just die laughing cause they just yell and call us satanist and other dumb stuff but its sad to see how addiction to some drink and mess people up both friday and saturday night 2 drunks had gotten hit by cars one we saw and i look right in the guys eyes as he was laying on the ground being tended to by doctors idk if you made it or not but the look of his eyes rolled back with blood all over hit me pretty good and is sad that people give in to Satan and those temptations and for those guys that got hit they probably went out for a good time and then not knowing whats going on they life was changed forever. Anyways im thankful for the Word of wisdom and how it blesses us and hopefully these next few weeks we can help others with it as well! Saturday was also a good day because The Herrington's (the senior couple here) took three members from our branch up to Jo. Berg to the temple and they all had a great experience and since i gave the Herringtons a little money they got me 2 scripture cases, one elephant and one zebra they are sweet and you'll see in the pics. i love you all a ton! email me and keep me posted some weeks i have no idea whats going on back home but love you all! have a great week!
Last pic with Aman'galia outside our apartment with Elder Childs our ZL,   


my new comp Elder Odama 

my new comp Elder Odama and my sweet zebra case

Odama Me then the branch pres son.

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