Monday, October 6, 2014

June 23, 2014

Fam Bam,
Wow, crazy long yet fast week. So last week i mentioned a few things, like Stembiso, who we took care of and also about president. This week we have improved and have really seen a change in the guys im around, cause now we are leaving at 10 in the morning and get back at 9 and only stop for a PB&J for lunch.  In District meeting on Wed i did what i could to continue working towards consecration of missionaries. i used a talk by Elder Holland that mom sent me a while back to teach a little bit more. the talk is " the miracle of a mission" and i wrote on the board a question for everyone to think about since some were slacking and other loosing motivation. i wrote " Why did you come on a mission?" and i taught for a while and told them to remember why they came out there and the reason why they left there homes and families and all that and it seemed to really help. But because we worked harder and longer this week we were saw some great things. One lesson for example it was the first lesson and it was power the guy is like 22 his name is Xolani and after the lessonhe was like i want to join this church i know this is whats right! it was awesome. and also sacrament meeting attendance went from 81 to 105 in a week after it hasnt got above 85 the 4 weeks i have been here. its nice seeing the fruits of your labors! Also have had some fun seeing a little of the World Cup which is nice, the more im in africa the more im starting to like soccer. Also we bought some cupcakes for Sezwe a very very funny kid that was turning 4(son of a less active and brother to Andile, the boy baptized last week) And so its been good too not just all stress! but anyways i wanna share something small that i thought of the other morning since i wake up at like 5;45 to workout and no one else is awake on time or till like 8 i have time to think. As i was thinking one morning i just started randoming thinking about My Hand which a hand is a pretty cool thing to use for an analogy so anyways your hand when its cold outside  its the first thing to get cold also when you are nervous its the first thing to either get sweaty or cold. Hands are sensitive. When you get a small cut on your finger it kills but if you get the same cut on your arm or leg you dont even notice it. but if you put a glove on you can protect your hand and even monitor the temp but it makes the hand less sensitive. Same with our spirits and bodies our spirits are like our hand they are sensitive but are placed inside our bodies. just like a hand in a glove the longer we wear the glove the more capable we become to feel things so we must train ourselves, our testimony and our knowledge so that our spirits can be more sensitive and so that we can feel the influence of the Holy Ghost better and more. but also theres some many examples of hands. Two are the laying on of Hands and how Christ was pierced through his hands. but for most of us we do most things with our hands there for we must do most things according to the spirit. anyways thats my little note for today i though it was pretty cool since all that came to me in a matter of seconds early one morning. But now for the Big News.. so this past week the transfer ended and my comp is being transfered tomorrow and i will be training a new missionary for the next 3 months. So pretty anxious and hopefully i can train him very good! i dont quite know who he is yet but i'll let all of you know soon! i love you all so much and thanks for all the love and support! keep it coming! i love you!
Got the serious face on like the Africans.

Sezwe's birthday cupcakes.  Sezwe is the little one and Andile is in the back.

Stembiso with me and my comp

Goodbye to Aman'Galia

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