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December 1, 2014

The Fam,
Another week has come and gone and i cant believe we are passed Thanksgiving. For the Elders and i here in Lesotho Mondaywe had our Zone Activity which was some paintball which was legit and im happy to say my team dominated and i only got shot once the entire time we played and it was after the game was over. anyways back to thanksgiving after we had paintball we changed then went over to the Chapel where the Parnells who are the senior couple cooked our Thanksgiving dinner! it was such nice food! Tuesday was just a normal day of working but Wed. we had interviews with President Z. and we had a nice time! president Z and i talked for a while and it was super cool. I expressed to him that i've had alot of success on my mission but still to me i havent seemed to find the purpose of me coming out or that one magic miracle everyone seems to have while they are missionaries. He told me about Joseph Smith and how the First vision we all know and love was actually the forth time he had written it and the first time he wrote it he didnt even mention 2 personages or anything he just remembered that his sins were forgiven him but it took him a while and as he continued to look back he began to remember more and more. anyways president went on to tell me that if im comfortable and happy with what i am as a missionary and what im doing then he said that the whole mission would be that experience that i need and as time goes on and as i look back on my mission in 5 or 10 years i'll remember things that really were miraculous. Meeting with President Zackrison is always a neat experience. ThursdayJena and i took some of presidents advice and tried to find where all the fathers were during the day since when we knock on houses we only find moms or maids. So we took a leap and decided to tract these Huges Chinese owned factories that are in our area. It was pretty legit we were meeting with these big time people trying to set a time to come and meet with the workers and staff. we got a few appointments for this coming week so we'll see how things go. We did get to see inside one Factory and it was just a big warehouse with thousands of african people working at their own little station sowing jeans. Jena was like "wow this is pretty much one giant sweat shop" i was trying so hard not to laugh. but i now have a theory that most things are made by Chinese owed factories in other countries, hence made in China. we went to maybe 10 factories and maybe 6 or 7 were making Levi Jeans haha but i would totally buy jeans that said made in Lesotho instead of made in China. Besides all that from the week, we had a weird yet funny moment this week we were teaching one of our Investigators name Puleng and while we were teaching her she had a little kid maybe 2 years old on her back in a blanket like a backpack but the kid began to struggle after about 15 min so she takes him off her back and he's got no pants on.. Nothing... so i was like okay nothing out of the ordinary from the experiences i have had out here in africa so we just continued teaching and this kid starts peeing on the floor and by then Jena and i Lost it and we cracked up and so did the Investigator, we ended up just rushing the rest of the lesson then headed out. crazy stuff. The week ended nice yesterday with Church and a few baptisms. One was a kid from our area that is an absolute genius named Lehlohonolo or Moses that missionaries have been teaching a while but we ended up starting to teach his mom and so she gave permission for him to be baptized and the other was the kid i interviewed named Tumelo. Great week but a few more weeks and we'll be able to chat for Christmas! Love you guys all a ton!
Elder Sorenson

              Paintballing in Lesotho for our Zone Activity.

Bloemfontain Chapel where we had interviews with President Z.

                     Chinese Factory Tracting

 Thanksgiving 2014 provided lovingly by the Parnells.


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