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October 27, 2014

Pretty quick week. Things just really seem to be speeding up. The week was pretty fun and one Saturday and Sunday we were finally able to watch General Conference. it was pretty good. i loved Elder Scotts talk and also all of Saturday Afternoon session. Also Elder Cook and Uchtdorf's talks were really nice. its amazing what you can catch when you listen closely. Anyways its again time for transfers and Saturday night we got the news. I'll be going to Botshabelo out near Bloemfontien so im excited cause the first month after you get transfered flies so quick and if it does it'll be Christmas and time to skype soon. I have heard quite a bit of things about my new area cause two of the elders im close to in the mission have served there so it'll be a difficult area from what i hear but we'll kick it up to a new level. My new comp is Elder Ageman ( spelling could be wrong) but he's from Ghana so im just rounding these African comps up every one of them is from a different country. But nothing too exciting out here for me. hope you all enjoy all the pics. I'm gonna miss this area but i'll miss the Herringtons and the Deep Doctrine talks we'd have with Elder Herrington. i learned a ton from them. anyways I love you all so much keep me posted.
Elder Sorenson
*Madi family: we'd have FHE and dinner there every friday night

*Maseko Family: my recent converts.
*Shabalala Family: Had FHE and dinner there every Tuesday and  reactivated two of them

*Gumbi Kids: Had FHE and dinner there every Sunday, I'll never forget the portions they'd give to us we wouldnt have to eat on mondays because of them.

* Gogo Dube, Sister Khosi, and Sister Mabaso.

 Nolwazi our Gospel Pricinples teachers and Sis Amanda our Branch Chorister.
 President Mhdaweni, Madadeni 2nd Branch President, coolest and best african leader i have served around my entire mission.
 Hlele Mhdaweni and Stembiso
Sister Zikalala from Branch 1 but an amazing lady.
Odama, Me, and Jena
Elder Thomas Brown(Plains City, Utah)
 Elder Andrew Brimhall (Mississippi)(6 foot 9)
Elder Willombe (Zambia)
Elder Trent Jensen (st. Johns, AZ)
Elder and Sister Herrington (Safford, AZ)
Bye to Madadeni Chapel with Greene in the back ground

Sister Dee and her Sons. Loved this family a ton.

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