Friday, January 30, 2015

January 12, 2015

Another week down and its been a little crazy from sleeping on the couch, sleeping in the car, training again and all sorts of experiences. Sunday Jena left so i was with Elders Holman and Ochaya in their area which was very nice to be with those guys they are fun to be around. we had some neat experiences together including finding some new people for them to teach.Thursday the Ap's brought my new comp im training Thursday evening and now its time to go far and beyond the work efforts i have. im gonna do all i can to train this guy like the last one i trained so i have "no blood on my garments". Anyways my New comp is Elder Opiyo. His english is tough and his voice is deep. but if you wanna know exactly what he sounds like you'll need to watch a movie. He reminds me so so much of the the Easter Island Head from "The night of the Museum". for the first day or so i cracked up a few times when he talked because i had that in my mind. anyways he's a chill guy and i seem i'll enjoy time with him but it'll take just that.. TIME. The week went well though lots of experiences that have helped me grow and mature, which is nice cause Pres Z said today that im one of the missionaries that he trust and relies on. so its nice to have that trust and hopefully it'll help me out towards the end of the mission. I did a Baptismal interview this week for a guy and he confessed a few tough things and so i had to call Pres. Zackrison and talk to him about how to take it and he said " Ya know Elder Sorenson thats tough, but im going to leave it in your hands and for you to make the call on what to do." so it was some pressure to say if this guy was ready or not for baptism since it all layed in my hands but after another talk with him and a few prayers i felt it was right. lots more happened i know that but im kinda blank today and  not sure how to explain it but maybe one day with the help of my journals i'll remember. things are good so far here in 2015 and President Z. wrote us today concerning the new year and said "As Sister Zackrison teaches us, our future is always perfect and we never have to be sorry, unhappy or discouraged about our future -- it is always perfect, filled with hope and brightness." . So take that in to some thought and i hope we all can make some changes with ourselves this year instead of just say we're making them. i've seen some life that are just ruined when members of the church forget about the gospel or forsake the simple teaching of the gospel. anyways i love you all a ton.
Elder Sorenson

BBQ with some less actives in the other guys area last pday.  Weed plants in the background!

Some crazy thunderstorms that rolled in every night this week  and one of the houses that go damaged in the wind.

The whole roof ripped off and parts of it were hanging in the powerlines.

I gave the Zone leaders money to buy some McDonalds and bring it back from their transfer trip.  So, we had McDonalds in Lesotho, since there are none for 150 k.

Hand pump for water.  

THE UGANDAN OREO! My new comjp I am training s on the left.  His name is Elder Opiyo and then the little guy is Elder Ochayal, one of my favorite Ugandan missionariies!!

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