Thursday, January 1, 2015

October 6, 2014

The Fam,
     Another week down. this week our branch had a temple trip so we spent most the week helping people prepare names but at the same time teaching new people. It was a cool experience to see 5 recent converts go to the temple. Things in this area are really picking up but are teaching pool seems to be dying off, so in an effort to increase our teaching pool we are going to set up a Family History/ Plan of Salvation Pamphlet stand on the busiest corner in the entire township this Wed. but atleast Sacrament attendance is still increasing. Our Branch President told us that this branch has never exceeded 110 for more than two weeks and for the past months we haven't gone below 130 and this week was a new record since i have been here.. we had 141 thats double the average of what it was when i arrived. Its insane, honestly i know its not me and people always ask us how we do it but we tell them its the Lord cause surely it is cause all we do is just talk to people and try to teach the best we can in a loving way. this week i was feeling a little down but it all changed on friday when i got a package, which showed how loved i am in the mission. Elder Moorhouse sent me 2 big packs of sunflower seeds and also a duck dynasty blanket it was awesome and made up for everything that has brought me down the past few weeks. i love that guy and hope soon President Z will give us a chance as companions so he can see how we dominate the work. Things are looking up for me and im excited for the blessings that will come from the insanity and love of a mission, hopefully i just dont have to wait till heaven to receive them! Love you all a ton!
Elder Sorenson
 Soccer with the missionary team vs Madadeni members.

Package from Moorhouse with Seeds

Package from Moorhouse

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