Sunday, January 4, 2015

November 24, 2014

Wow what a week. So Wed. the other elders took our truck and from there things were pretty crazy. They were going for an emergency exchange cause one was having health issues but anyways the new one coming thursday couldnt get into Lesotho and so the had to get another kid but we ended up not having a car from Wed. to Sat. so that was crazy walking and taking some of these crazy taxi's for the first time. One of the big taxi's Jena Flagged down and as its pulling over we hear all these girls screaming and we get in and theres like 20 school kids in the back and all these girls were screaming and yelling "white guy" in Sotho! Jena, the taxi, Driver and i were all dying from laughter. One girl even stuck her arm up and asked for my autograph haha it was hilarious, i signed Elder on her arm really crappy. but just worked hard this week and walked alot. but for us we Work hard but when pday comes we Play hard. Later today we are having our Zone Activity which is paintballing and then we are having Thanksgiving at the Couples home. But the best thing of the week we Sunday when we had Stake Conference. It was a DVD shown to all of Africa and had to be literally destroyed after we watched it. It was better than General Conference! The Speakers were Elder Robert C. Gay (70), Jean A. Stevens (1st counselor in the Primary), Elder Bednar, and President Uchtdorf. They were all some of the best talks i have ever heard. they pretty much yelled at Afirca in a kind way some of the time. but they all talked about Bride Price or paying for your wife, tithing, and serving. It was pretty Legit to see Uchtdorf just say "Discontinue Lobola!" they all made some sweet analogies though. Elder Gay told a story of a truck driver that was transporting two Giraffes a few weeks ago here in South Africa. one of the Giraffes was much taller than the other and when the truck driver drove under a bridge the tall Giraffe smacked into the bridge and was killed instantly and when asked later why he wasnt more aware the driver said " Its not my fault they built the bridge so low." so how many of us blame the "bridges"? he also said that if we are too "Busy" for the Lord then we are just B.eing U.nder S.atans Y.oke. i really enjoyed his talk and he say "why must we alway do things the Standard Way?" Jean A. Stevens said that "Africas (and the worlds) future is the the Childern". But then we get to Bednar who is always amazing! He talked about sacrifices and hastening the work. but he said that we dont hasten the Lords work, He Does! Also that in eternity there is no such thing as sacrifice (ex. If we give our life for the gospel then we will gain Eternaly life) but we cant forget that Living for the gospel is more important than dying for the gospel. Uchtdorf was powerful and gave a great story. he said something along the lines of " One day there was church people here in Africa fixing one of the churches many water filtered pumps and next to the pump was a average side pool of stagnant water that had a layer of moss, oil, bugs, and even animal droppings. Then one of the church guys saw two men come with a large empty barrel and began to fill the barrel with the disgusting water. The man then said to the african men if you just wait a few hours the water filter will be fixed and you can have clean clear water to drink, but the African men said our fathers drank this water and their fathers and even the fathers before them, it worked for them and it'll work for us, this water is fine." Uchtdorf then said that most of the traditions passed down muddy and dirty our "water" then we went in to giving it to Africa it was pretty intense haha. He said " Being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ is the highest honor for any human being." it was an awesome Stake Conference. Anyways pretty good week. Sunday we got soaked from the ran but it was cool. time is flying and this coming week we got Interviews so im pumped for that. HAPPY THANKSGIVING Everyone!
Love you all tons!
Elder Sorenson

                     Maseru from a mountain.

Riding in a taxi.

Working in the rain.

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