Friday, January 30, 2015

January 5, 2015

I don't know where to start this week was pretty crazy. Tuesday I gave my DDM lesson all from Alma 5 and the talk "Lord is it I?" by Pres. Uchtdorf. it went super well and I felt very inspired as I planned for it but all those details of how and why are in my journal. but Wed. night we had a good time watching Lesotho explode for New Years. This whole week though we have been preparing for This branch party that us missionaries are hosting for the branch with no fund or any support really so we had a lot of work to do. In the midst of all the prep for the party and teaching lesson and all that President Zackrison called Fridaymorning and had some news for us. So the last 2 or 3 weeks of the transfer the African elders going home that transfer go to the mission office and do a training course before they go home and so theres always a few elders to get switched around so for Jena he's going to replace one of the ones going home and for me I get a bigger assignment. Theres an Elder from Uganda that was suppose to enter our mission 4 weeks ago but had no visa so he was stuck in his own country but now he's got the visa and out of the 160 missionaries in m mission im the lucky one to train again.. Yay. Pres asked me if I was comfortable doing so and even though im not really having another East African elder (they're usually very tough) I told him that I'd do the best I can. so this coming Thursday the AP's are personally bringing me 26 year old Elder Olobo. The only thing I remember Pres saying was that he needed someone with Maturity to take this assignment on. so I guess its me, but as I thought about the past guys I've had and how tough its been but how much I learned Im grateful and Im guessing it the Lords way of answering my prayers on how I can become a better, more effective, and more obedient missionary. it'll be Great tho and im excited to see what happens. Saturday morning I woke up at 5:30 and made some muffins for the party happening that afternoon since we told everyone it'll be a Bring and Share. The Party then turned out very nice we played some nice music from some big speakers and had lots of food and even I got some balloons and made stuff out of them for the kids! everyone seemed to enjoy. Sundayfinally came around and we went to church and a family we are teaching finally came and they loved it and it was probably the best fast and testimony meeting I've been in for a while. 2 of my favorite guys got up and bore their testimonies and I loved a few things they said. Brother Michael Semantlane started pretty dang funny and said " ya know I didn't want to share my testimony with you all but I was sick of my kids being annoying" but he went one and shared something awesome. He said " If you read your scriptures once a month you send yourself to hell, once a week you go somewhere between heaven and hell and daily you go to heaven" he the stressed on the importance of daily reading and said "if you find the scriptures boring its cause you yourself are a boring person" this guy is legit and the best/ smartest member in the branch and is the Brother to George the super less active RM we've been seeing. After him though Brother Kaizer Mohobane got up and said something I really liked he said "Only through Missionary work can we see the Hand of God but only through Marriage can we see the Face of God." which was pretty profound but he's also a RM and a powerful member. Anyways just a few thoughts. long Email for the week so hope you enjoy all the pics as well. I love you all.
Elder Sorenson

New Years Fireworks!

Saturday soccer with the 4 sailors one last time.

Me showing my balloon talents - Branch Party

Branch Party

Saying bye to Jena.

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