Sunday, January 4, 2015

December 29, 2014

The Family,
It was a pretty crazy week and the work here is pretty slow during Christmas cause all the people that can speak english can afford to leave on vacation, but we are having a good time. i woke up today and cleaned for like 2 hours by myself while my comp slept but anyways things are going. It was so nice talking and skyping you all this week. Christmas day was so crazy. In the morning we woke up to a flat tire and so we jumped in with Elder Doane and Jase since they spent the night and we headed to our mission Christmas Breakfast, then after we went back home and i changed in to some crappy cloths and changed the tire as the others just watched. but probably the funniest thing up to that point of the day happened. i cranked the spare tire down and it was muddy and dirty so i asked elder doane to roll it over to the tap and wash it off and he started to but since our boarding is on a hill it was tough but he decided to push it off the cement slab that we parked on for a flat surface and as he did so it began to roll down the hill and out the gate, he chased it and caught up to it only to touch it with his finger tips as it crossed the road and rolled down a big hill 150 meters jumping a dried creek and bashing into a shack. we all died laughing and then about a min or two later a lady in a towel and a guy just wearing shorts walked out of the shack, which made it even funnier but we were surprised that the tire didnt whip out the peoples shack. then about 2 hours later we were driving and doane reended us on accident and bash our bumped and we just died laughing . we ended up all getting fed then i ended the day skyping till about 10:30 and then went and did some smores outside our boarding till about 1:30 am with some other Elders we enjoyed. But Mission is like a rose bush i guess we can either complain that its got alot of thorns or be happy and except the beauty of the few roses. not much longer and i'll be home from my mission and just looking back on memories but i'll always do my best after my mission to stand up with courage for my beliefs not matter what the circumstances are! but not much else to talk about!` it was so nice seeing you all for Christmas! hope you have a wonderful New Year and Hope you all have a good time celebrating Jordans Birthday! i love you all!
Elder Sorenson

Christmas lunches

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