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November 3, 2014

Fam Bam,
Wow this has been one heck of a week. So Tuesday we said bye to everyone in the Newcastle Zone then i headed out with Elder Jena on a 4 hour road trip to a place called Bethlehem where we boarded a bus and drove another 5 hours to Bloemfontein. There i met my comp Elder Agyeman from Ghana and also Elder Brown whose in my group but went to the Provo MTC. Anyways the next day we got to the area and President Zackrison Calls and tells me that we are gonna have to pull a switch since theres an elder having visa trouble so we went back to the boarding for me to pack. then Thursday Elder Jena came back and picked me up and dropped off his comp so now im with Jena and we are Reopening Lesotho after all the stuff that happened here with the government. We stay just outside of the Lesotho border in a place called Ladybrand but we travel in to Lesotho in the morning and then travel out at night. im working in a city called Maseru (i think if you look at a globe you can see the city out it ha) and im the District Leader. Anyways it was pretty funny so thursday we arrived and tried to go through the border and this time the Lesotho border people stopped Jena since it says he over stayed since he didnt stamp out when the evacuated the Elders out of Lesotho 2 months ago. Lesotho it pretty cool, theres the normal tiny block houses but then next door there will be a Giant 3 story mansion. so yesterday Jena and i decided we'd do some door knocking in the big people area and we ended up going to probably the biggest house around with Gates and Walls that look like they belong to the White House but since the gate was open we walked right in. we went up and knocked, a young mother of 2 small children, named France, answered the door, we asked if she had a few minutes that we could share a message with her. She invited us in and as we talked with her she told us that her husband just past away. We assured her that it wasnt by chance that we went her today adn that we have a message that will bring her so much peace and comfort. We briefly explained the plan of salvation, left her a pamphlet and set another appointment since she was very busy. We're going back later this week so we'll see how it goes! Lesotho is a pretty cool and relaxed place, its pretty fun crossing the border everyday but its gonna fill up my Passport quick but we are going to be moving back in soon as soon as Elder Bednar gives President Z the go ahead. I love you all a ton! hope you have a great week. im almost over the one year hump and soon enough i'll be skyping you for Christmas! i love you
Elder Sorenson

Saying bye to the Elders in Newcastle Zone.

Bye to the Madadeni Boarding in a complex called Phoenix

Hello and bye to Elder Brown, Elder Agyeman and Botshabelo after one day.

A sign at the Lesotho border while it poored rain in the first time in 8 months

A members house in Lesotho made out of Tin Cans(African Innovation).

 One page of My Passport after 4 days.

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