Thursday, January 1, 2015

October 5, 2014 - Letter from Elder and Sister Herrington

Dear Sorenson family,
    Elder Herrington and I are enjoying serving with your son here in Madadeni. Our service is mostly in Osizweni, a little further out from Newcastle, but lately we have joined Elder Sorenson and Elder Odama in some important efforts. Their cottage meetings are really wonderful, and we can feel the gratitude of Sthembiso and Hlanhla for caring about them. Elder S really threw himself into preparing his beloved people for going to the temple. He and I are both fairly new to the workings of Family History, and he and Elder Odama went back and forth from here to there gathering information, and more information. We all gained new testimonies of how vital every element of the work of salvation is. We were all inspired by Elder Bednar's article in the October Liahona. I'm happy to report that all the ordinances we prepared for happened on Saturday during the Branch temple trip. That's a remarkable accomplishment considering how small the temple is, and how they struggle to have enough ordinance workers. The saints were so happy at church yesterday when they reported about it.
    He may have told you that Gilbert is my hometown. I was born and grew up there when it was one ward. That's pretty unbelieveable, and makes me ancient. :) Elder Herrington and I have farmed for many years in Safford, and been very active in Farm Bureau. So we've enjoyed that connection with Elder Sorenson too.
    We thank you so much for preparing and sharing your son. He is an outstanding missionary in every way and we are so happy to have him in our missionary family here. Thought you might enjoy these photos taken at the cottage meeting last night. I love the one with Elder Sorenson sharing his hymnbook with the children. The other one is a recent transfer dinner, taken at our home.
With warm regards,
Elder and Sister Herrington

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