Friday, January 30, 2015

January 19, 2015

Long Tough week but I made it. It was different and quite frustrating i feel like im more of babysitting than i do as a missionary here with Elder Opiyo but he's trying hard to impove and so am i. Tuesday evening we call a call from a less active that she had a flat tire so we ran and got a member then went over to her house i asked where her husband was and she said he walked out so i was like flip thats alot of stuff going on plus she had a 5 hour drive in that car the next day to Jo-berg so i tried my best to do what i could as everyone else enjoyed the view or something but right as i Jacked the car a terrible rain storm hit and some of the loudest thunder i've ever heard was all around. So dressed in my missionary clothes i tried but the rain made it difficult so i assured her we'd be back first thing in the morning. after we left i had in my mind the story mom told us growing up about the missionary that had help her family so much when she was young and had lost her father. I knew that the Lord prepares us and gives us story from and through out our lives to prepare us when we have that opportunity. so for me this was a some chance i had to make a little difference. so that tuesday night i went and bought a small cake then 7 in the morning we headed back to her house, gave her the small cake, and then worked 3 hours to get this rust stuck tire off the car. After i took it got it fixed and put it back since the spare tire was bald and could never make the trip to Jo-berg. it was small in a service project but meant alot to me. Anyways the week progressed and only got tougher but we had a great opportunity to take a sister her mission call and with 2 other members supported her as she opened the call, She was call to Madagascar and leaves Feb. 5th. i dont think i have ever seen anyone so nervous. but the time passed and i began to get stressed and frustrated inside and tried to just keep me cool when then i found a quote in a house, it reads " God grant me the Serenity to accept the things i cannot change... Courage to change the things i can and Wisdom to know the difference. It was perfect and pricked my heart but still didnt seem to lift the burden i felt was upon my shoulders. We had so many appointments fall through this week but there was one bright lesson. We went to the Sefali family and as we discussed Moroni 10 with them the Mother admitted that as she read that chapter she felt somethings so strong. it was a great experience. Also one of the toughest less actives named George whose a RM but less active for 10 years and hasnt opened his scriptures in 8 years but this past week he opened them and asked some questions that i answered for him. it was nice and its nice having the knowledge and tools to answer him. The stress continued all the way to our last appointment and it was with this pastor guy we just met and he just wanted to argue and bible bash to try and prove him wrong but i shot it down quick and just threw so many scriptures from the bible about the Restoration back at him that he had no reply to. i probably shouldnt have done it but it relieved stress and i think its Holland that said " Dont bible bash but if you do WIN." so i'll take that as it was okay! but yeah this week will be better i'll make sure of it and change things if i need to.
I love you all and keep me posted.
Elder Sorenson

P.s. Why me? why tough assignments? my journal comforted me with this scripture.. D&C 124:113
Changing a tire for a less active, whose husband walked out on her the day before.

A member in the branch with her mission call we took to her.  She is going to Madagascar.

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