Sunday, January 4, 2015

December 8, 2014

Another week has passed us by, it was one that just seemed to drag on and on. but we had some neat experiences this we. we found and were able to meet with a man named George who is a Less active R.M. and has been less active from 2003 when he cam back from his mission. This guys has hated young missionaries and never has let them come by. Our mission president has even visited him but that was a year ago but still had a big impacted on him. the first night we went there we all tried to discern eachother and i felt like i wasnt saying many things that were coming from me i got so many questions that came to my mind that i had never thought of. he had broken down a little about his mission and about how he is a product of the church and that the only way to raise he son right is in the church. i asked him a question that i was even shocked of its simplicity but amazed at its impact. i said " Out of everything you ever learned or taught on your mission what is the one thing that you;d want your son to know?" he said " i'd want him to know that i know the truth." we spent about 2 hours with him the first visit and 80% of the time he was the one talking. He invited us back a few days later and we again had a nice chat with him. We also had a nice time doing a "service activity" for a less active that stays in our compond. 6:30 Saturday morning about 10 min after i got down with Insanity Jena and i hiked 2 miles up this mountain behind our house to cut a few Christmas tree for the 2 families that live in our compound, ones a less active single mother and the other is a guy, whose a Harvard Buisness Grad, and his family who are renting while they build a bigger house near by. anyways after chopping down a few trees with our kitchen knife which was all we had, we hike the 2 miles back carrying these Trees on our shoulders. The most unique part was we were never tired and when we got back the single mother, Ma Lineo was in tears because we had done something like that for her. i know that the Lord did give us that extra strength and "renewed" us as we served a woman who was in depressed need of love and care. Anyways other than that nothing to special from the week. we got transfer news and nothing changed for us here in Lesotho and im still the district leader. but we are getting close to Christmas and to skyping. Lets all make sure that we have a smile when that time comes! love ya
Elder Alex Sorenson

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