Thursday, January 1, 2015

October 20, 2014

The Family,
   Pretty interesting week. Monday we went on a sweet hike probably the coolest one i have done in my life you'll see from the photos. then Tuesday we had Zone Conference and Pres Z. talked to us about obedience and also,something which i really needed, How to find joy in the work. it was a great Zone Conference and seeing President and Sister Zackrison is always awesome. Wed. we had a District meeting on obedience by Elder Greene and it really hit me that i gotta be more obedient out here if i wanna enjoy this next year, so being me i compared mission to a sport... Mission is our sport for two years not many are born with the talent that a missionary needs these days, to me that talent is the spirit. In sports we must practice to develop our talents and skills so likewise in a mission we must study and be obedient to the rules. We can not hit a foulball and call it fair. is we play with in the established rules and boundaries the game is much more successful. Then when we retire from mission or go home we will have no regrets. and you can not be succesful out here unless you are humble and submissive to the will of the coaches who are the Lord, Mission President, and other mission leaders... anyways i thought it was a cool analogy. Sunday we had two baptisms, Khosi Dlamini and her 9 year old daughter Syamthanda. what a crazy experience that was. Everything was going perfect i had taken care of the program and had made tons of cookies as usual, we took some photos, then went to the water. They had asked me to baptize them so first came Syamthanda she was calm all the way until i started to dip her, then she got scared and she kicked and wasnt immersed completely. She was terrified and didnt want to do it again so we went to Khosi and everything wen perfect with her only took one try. so within a min we were back to the daughter who still was so scared. long story short on about the 5th or 6th attempt we decided that we'd kneel down in the font and i would dip her on to her side which worked but by this time she was shacking like crazy and i was just trying to comfort her but as soon as i dipped her i just cared her out of the font as she laid in my arms shacking. i felt bad after, i had no idea what to do or say i was kinda just awe struck and i did feel bad but it'll all be good! things are well and i hope you all are doing good! keep me posted.

Zone Conference

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