Sunday, January 4, 2015

November 10, 2014

Wow what a fast week. time is truly starting to pick up and just in time for my year mark. Things out here in Lesotho are pretty legit and Jena and I are tearing it up. We had 30 total lessons this week with 10 new investigators and 30 contacts which is all 10 more than any other companionship here in Lesotho. Wed. I taught my first DDM and it went well I got a lot on my plate out here as a District Leader. since each of the 4 areas here are all being reopened this transfer after all the civil unrest that was going on and even now President Zackrison wants us out of the country but 6 so it makes things tough but we do what we can. He stuck his neck out to get us in and if something happens he'll be on the next plane home but I love that guy and we are all trying our best to work hard and be safe even though we see NO danger at all. Things for me are good tho im excited to finally get up an over the hump and its weird that i'll have less time left than I have had out since it only feels like I've been out for a few months. but Last Christmas coming up baby im so excited. Jena and I are having a good time together we work hard and tract alot. if we have a tough day we just go to a super rich area and tract and we had a pretty cool experience. We went tracting to this area and were walking past a giant house this car pulled up and a guy gets out wearing True Religion jeans so we went and talked with him for a little and after about 2 or 3 min we could tell he wasn't very interested so right as we were walking away, the huge gate opened and a young lady in her 20's calls to us and was like "hey are you guys LDS?" and we were like what the heck how does this Lesotho girl know that nickname for the church but anyways she invited us in and turns out that lived in Parkcity, Utah for a year then in Florida for 6 years so she has been influenced by the church but bad part is she was just visiting for the weekend, good part is we are now teaching the rest of her family. nothing else really this week. thanks for all you love and support over the past year, ONE MORE TO GO! keep me posted...Love you all so much!

"Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who HUSTLE"

 Our New Ride
 The houses we tract we decided to take a pic with this one since no one was home
Ma France's House (one of our new investigators) everything white in the pic is here house its huge, plus her gates are sweet.

The Pig that was as big as me and was the smaller of the few that were there.
Sportin those Khaki's for Pday.

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