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November 18, 2014

Sorry this is a day late. Yesterday we had our district activity and we werent able to email but we got permission to come today. Anyways wow this week was fast and pretty crazy now looking back at it. Busy Busy Busy. Wed. i was on exchanges with Elder Doane in Leribe, Lesotho since im the District leader. Leribe is about an hour from where i usually stay so tuesday we ended up exchanging after our Zone meeting. but tuesday night Doane and i stayed up till about 11:30 drawing the Plan of Salvation on this white board that we ended up using Wed. outside the main grocery store in Leribe. While there for the 2 hours we planned we contacted 50 people and got there numbers and addresses so Elder Doane and his comp can increase their teaching pool. it was pretty fun. Saturday i ended up sending the big Christmas Package so keep an eye out and Grandmas gift is still in the process but saturday i had a very neat experience, My First Baptismal interview. I remember Elder Greene telling me that it would be one of the most spiritual experiences you can have on mission.. and it was! and what confirmed to me that it was meant to be was the kid was born the same day and year Ben was, so i thought that was pretty cool. The week just seemed to fly by and Sunday came around so fast but sunday we met with this guy called Marumo and he was a stubborn fruitcake. we talked about the Plan of Salvation and i asked him a pretty simple question (so i thought). i asked " Do you wanna live with your Daughter in heaven?" and this guy had to think for a few min and then finally said yeah i guess so. i was like what the heck... but anyways during that lesson i made a cool analogy. He said he thought his life was going good, he had money and seemed to be happy and since he wasnt doing anything bad he thought he was still a good guy even with out the essentials of the gospel. so i was like, "you know Marumo its like God has given you a Lamborghini and told you to drive a race, you've got such a nice fast car and yet its like you are only sitting in the driveway. Of course atleast sitting in the car is better than not being in it at all." but that anology was made at the very beginning of the lesson and then when we brought up his daughter i told him, " see you might not be driving the Lambo now but whats even worse is your daughter is in the back seat and right now its up to you to help her begin her race and teach her the correct principles she needs to run her race of life." anyways i thought it was pretty quick and a cool anology. Yesterday we went to a waterfall for our activity and it was pretty sweet. its in the middle of no where and its huge but there are no hiking trails down to it so some of us made our own and on the way out we took another route out and i was freaking out. we literally have to rock climb 500 feet out of this huge canyon, Man i thought i was going to die. and while climbing my forearm and hand busted out in hives. who would've know? the one time im ever allergic to anything in my life it would be while scaling a canyon in the Highlands of Lesotho in AFRICA. Crazy stuff but anyways we all made it home safe and now are living in Lesotho and not Ladybrand, South Africa. pretty crazy week and you'll all see from the Pics. Nothing else to special this side besides we tracted this billionare guy that has a peacock but anyways no Biggie.
I hit that one year mark this past week and now im one shirt down but it was worth it and the shirt was trashed anyways. Love you all tons and keep me posted!
Elder Sorenson 

Exchanges with Doane and our sweet Plan of Salvation board.

                    The ONE Year Mark.

 Billionaire we tracted with his sweet house and his Peacock.

                             While Driving i got on this guys horse to get a nice pic.

                       The District Activity.

                        Thats how we DO!

                     The Highlands of Lesotho.

                 My little wounds from the Hike.

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