Thursday, January 1, 2015

October 12, 2014

Another week down it was another successful one but pretty long. Wed. after District Meeting we decided to have a Pamphlet stand on the busy corner in the entire area, right across from the Beer Distributor, A Jehovah wit. chapel and another church's ground of worship. We had quite a bit of success. we had me and Elder Green Passing out pass along cards from the middle of two different roads, we wrote our number on them and within 30 min we already had phone calls. then for the people walking we had Elder Odama work that, to also help him on his speaking and shyness around other people. He would contact them briefly and then send them over to Elder Ekom who we had sitting at the actual stand. Ekom did a wonderful job of getting all there details. at the end of the day we all ended up with about 17 good quality contacts of which we are now teaching about 3 fathers. we have planned to try it out again this coming week but the corner we decided to have it on had constant traffic and people on it the entire 3 hours we were there. it was pretty crazy, Greene and i had a fun time. that guy almost killed me from laughing. the first one he handed out was to a guy in his car on the phone. and since he was occupied and ignored greene, greene just opened the passenger door and tossed it in then continued on. it was hilarious! It was like we were at a baseball game selling cotton candy! these card few off so quick we gave away 1500 pass along cards in about 90 min then we were out so we took everything we had in the car from the  church like other pamphlets and books, wrote our name and number and gave it all away. in about 3 hours we gave about 2000 pamphlets or cards away. Nothing else exciting happened this week just same old same old. im excited for today for are District activity we are going to the Drakensberg Mountains, which are the tallest mountains in South Africa, we're going to hike around them and have a good time. then tomorrow we have Zone Conference which is always nice President Z is a Master of teaching, i guess thats what happens when you are a top notch lawyer. Anyways i love you all!
Elder Sorenson

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