Tuesday, June 30, 2015

January 26, 2015

A fast week this week, but same old same old. things have gotten better and i have found ways to just be happy even in times of struggles. The week was busy but fairly successful when it comes to the work. but no nice stories really this week. Saturday after playing soccer we went home and showered and changed and after i showered i tried unlocking the door the the skeleton type keys they use here in africa and the key breaks. i was like what the heck do i do now my comp isnt smart enough to help me take it apart so i call home to grab my Gerber and to walk outside and past it through the window, i wouldve climbed out the window but theres bars on every window in africa so i thought i'd try to take the handle apart with the tool but it didnt turn out to be successful so i called again to Opiyo to be a Black jackie chan and kick the door down. it took him like 5 kicks but finally got it luckily no damage to the door or really the handle. the blot that locks it was broken but i just took it out and its all good. nothing too exciting this week other than a few things i wont talk much about but save for another day. but during church Brother Kaizer taught priesthood and said a quote i thought i'd share. He got it from George, the less active RM we've been working with, anyways he said " Once George showed me a picture of Christ and with this picture whether it was upside down or right side up Christ was smiling, so no matter our situations or our choices whether they be upside down sometimes or right side up we should always be happy with him and not be ashamed." anyways i thought it was pretty cool. The transfers were this past week and and 3 Americans left my district and only one new one came and 2 africans so now theres 8 of us and only 2 americans haha but the Africans in my district are the best in the mission so thats a plus. anyways nothing much else this week i love you all and keep me posted!
Elder Alex Sorenson

Transfers saying bye to Elders Sandberg, Holman, and Doane. My District for the last time before transfers and then me and opiyo... yay

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