Tuesday, June 30, 2015

April 13, 2015

The Fam, 
One of the best weeks of my mission for sure. i found happiness and joy in just putting forth my best effort. Elder Mashava and I finished the transfer super strong. We have some baptisms coming up this coming sunday and then May 10th we got another 6 or 7 on baptism date so the work is going great and its cause we have put in the time and effort and have trust the Lords Hand. its funny when things dont go your way and you say okay this is from the Lord, you begin to learn great peace and happiness. I have had many wonderful and unique experiences this week but i cant share alot of them or the email would be too much. but we'll save them for thoughts and memories for when im back in the states. Sunday was a busy day for me! i gave a 20 min talk in church about Fears and Confidence that everyone complimented me for after we had made a few appointments then at about 5 pm we went back to church and i gave another 15 minute talk about Failure, Success, and the Atonement. I'll type them up one of these days and email them to you mom, i might need them later in life. Anyways Saturday we had gotten transfer news and Mashava is leaving which is sad cause things were going perfectly but i'll be getting Elder Webb from AZ/ New Mexico. He's a cool guy and is my first American in 15 months so things will be nice. One thing i feel  i should share is something that happened this morning. This morning we went to see Brother Barry Milne, an 83 year old man who has a Son with T.B. and one arm and is just going through a terrible time and has had a rough life with things. So Brother Barry told us he wanted us to come by to give the son a blessing. Brother Barry is a guy that has the spirit and when he speaks you feel it. We gave the son a blessing and before and after brother Barry showed us so much love and gratitude. He said that "im so happy you guys are still together i know with out a doubt that you are special missionaries, you have a light around you, You are my Missionaries and i know you have power from on high! you both stand out. Just know that i love you!" i have never met a sweeter more genuine man in my life. He has a collection of old church Books and said "elders i want both of you to pick two books and take them with you." Those two that i took i will Cherish for my entire life. Ones by David O. Mckay and the other is call "Man of Faith". It was an experience i wont forget nor the power and faith that was in the room as we gave his 50+ year old son a blessing! Mission has changed me im not gonna lie. Even tho things and people change and come and go at home, The Lord's hand is in my life and i will never not follow it again in my life. When its comes to school, Career, or Marriage. Whatever comes and whoever comes.. Come What May and Love it! I love you all. Have a Good Week! 
Much Love, 
Elder Alex Sorenson 

Hey glad to hear you got a new calling. take advantage of sharing the gospel with katie cause that will build her testimony more if you share yours with her. As for me this past week was one of the best of my mission i was so happy and my comp and i killed it this week. but Saturday we got transfer news im getting Elder Webb. He's from Thatcher/ New Mexico and is related to the Palmers in our ward, Markie and them, so im excited for that. but thanks for the great Scripture is was much needed. Only a few more months and im back and set to focus only on Baseball, Work, School, and Family. No girl in my future anytime soon. im sick of fake people. but things are good and im excited for the next few months to fly by. i still cant decide on when to come home. im leaning to Nov and feel that the blessing i'll get for that last month will top the other 23 months of my mission. and im going to need those blessing one day. Anyways i love you so much! 

PICTURES:   Dinner the day we met that Pastor guy Last Sunday. FHE group on Monday. My District this passed transfer (top Left: Welling, Mashava, Esplin. Bottom Left: Kakar, Me, Morole. The Bluff Ward Soccer team. Sitole Family when Mashava was leaving. Bishop, his wife and sister when Mashava was leaving. Sister Rita and her maid. The Durban City and Coast line ( i'll get a better picture of it another day). 

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