Tuesday, June 30, 2015

March 2, 2015

Another week, month, and transfer down. After all the drama from last monday the week went fairly smooth. i just did my thing no complaints. I tried to find many ways to be happy this week from reading a few books to eating a chicken head. But a big lesson i have learned this week is gratitude. When you are nice and giving to someone and in return they dont even say thank you or anything its rough and upsetting but the best thing to do is keep giving. Even though things havent gonna amazing lately things are looking up. Saturday we got Transfer news and im being transfered back into Durban town to a place called Bluff to be with a Elder from Zimbabwe named Elder Mashava. Its supposedly the best area in the mission and leads with 30 Member present lessons a week and 25 investigators at church so im excited to go. It wasnt too hard leaving this area, but it was tough to leave George and his reactivation in the hands of the ones still here since he has made so much progress. but it'll be good. I trust that its all done for the Lords purposes. Anyways it was a different week i tried my best to work as hard as possible while other were slacking. We had Lesotho Elections on Saturday and Sunday so we were on lock down so Tuesday to Friday were critical for the work and we did a pretty effective job. Nothing much else happened but i will be mailing some things home today so keep an eye out over the next few weeks and months. Time will be speeding up now that im being transfered to Durban it'll be fun. Tonight i go and get on a Bus at 8pm and travel all night and arrive in Durban at about 6 or 7 tomorrow morning. I wont lie a transfer has brought a smile to my face. Second to last area most likely. so i got Bluff then another place and then Home! crazy crazy! Not much to say this week! i love you all!
Elder Alex Sorenson

PICTURES:  Pics from Last week when Molefi came to church. He's the one who made my suit and tie

MORE PICTURES:  Some Pics from Sunday the Parnells sent me.. 

MORE PICTURES:  Trying to have fun by eating a chicken head. Saying bye to Lesotho and the people. George and his family (this picture is the most important to me out of any!)

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