Tuesday, June 30, 2015

May 25, 2015

Weeks have just been passing by. We ended this transfer strong and had some nice experiences this passed week. Webb and I were a bit nervous about transfer news on Saturday night but we got it and we'll be together for another 6 weeks, Which means the next 6 weeks should fly by just like the passed 6. We had a great week with many visits and lessons, we're doing the best we can each day because we know the blessing that await for us in the future. We took the Rowberry's with us to a lesson this week to see them teach and help this less active family in our area that has many issues and Man they did awesome! I sat there taking notes of what they said so i could apply it one day. Really the conclusion the gave the family if they wanted to have less struggles and fights was to P.C.S.S.... Prayer Church Scriptures Service... Elder Rowberry really stressed prayer and service which i had never thought to deep about before but Service is one of the most important tools to happiness because when we lessen others burdens the Lord will lessen ours. I was Happy to hear Ben did a great job on the talk! Man your gonna do Great things out in the Mission Field, You've made a awesome choice! I love you Bro. But this Sunday we had Stake Conference and the Stake President again gave a sweet talk and also had a Question and Answer session in Sunday School, i was writing things like crazy. We spoke about the "Beautiful Attitudes" in Matt. 5 and explained all of it so nicely which it'll take too long to type so i'll share it another time. but Anyways he said two things that stuck for me he said " Only when you act in faith will miracles happen in your life." and also " The Lord is more understandable than we think, His general commandments are a blessing to everyone and when we keep them he'll bless us with Additional Commandments but only for us personal not for everyone." and somethings apply different to different people for sure! Anyways that Stake President, President Bricknell can speak! But i hope back home everyone is doing good! Ben Goodluck this week you'll do great! i wish i could be at the airport saying bye since only You and mom&dad were there when i left! I love you Man and the best is yet to come dont worry! I love you all tons and continue to keep me posted! 
Much Love, 
Elder Sorenson Sr. 

Thanks for being such a Great Mom! its funny how slow i thought mission was going and now im nearing the end and Ben is just beginning! He'll be awesome! Send him Talks and letters and emails all the time and he'll be good the first few months were terrible for me but i've grown up quite a bit so its nice! anyways i love you tons! 

PICTURES:  Golf on the Bluff Golf course on transfer P-day before Jensen leaves to another zone. Sweet time with Jensen and Webb the Az boys and also Elder Ncube a sweet south African Kid! Then my Workout schedule the past week and a pic Elder Webb took as i was getting ready to run at 5:45 to the Beach and him follow me in the car till we get there. haha 

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