Tuesday, June 30, 2015

February 9, 2015

Another week down! It was a crazy one to stay the least. My comp when he came into the country he never got a stamp in his passport from the Lesotho side so technically he's been here illegally for the passed month, so one night at about 8:30 or 9 we had to sneak him out of the border with a branch president whose a top dog in the police here it was a crazy experience but it was exciting so it was nice! they were so nervous but i was excited for some nice journal entires but nothing really happened it went smooth. Its funny how people are crazy sometimes no one really tries anything on my these days since im in nice shape now, its ridiculous i eat so heathly and eat/cook alot of spinach i feel like Pop-eye. But the week went fairly well when it came to the work its tough i wont lie going around knocking on doors and talking to people all day its frustrating cause we dont have alot of people to teach, but its improving and the quality of people is getting better as well. i've really felt loved this week from people that i started visiting like a few less actives that have major issues with some people at church. one guy said "ya know i love the church but the people there make me never want to go, the only reason i go is because you guys care and actually come to visit me." Also this weekend President Zackrison was in town for interviews so we took him to Georges house and George really touched my heart with what he said. he said " Ya know president these guys come and they continue to come and because of them im improving in my situation. I've tried so hard to discourage them and ask silly questions so they stop coming but always twice a week they are here and they are truly speaking doing an amazing job." George is a guy thats super less active and has some big question as i've explained but i have grown to love that guy and enjoy visiting him a ton. He made a cool analogy of himself he said " im like a car in winter you gotta warm me up before i'll start and take off. previous Elders have tried but they havent even got thee key in the ignition but for this guy he has got the key in and has began to turn and warm it up." but it was nice teaching with President again he's a awesome guy and works wonders in lessons. we even were able to pray at Georges because of President, That hasnt happened in that home for YEARS! The week was well and all is good and im safe so continue to keep me posted with life! i have a few pictures this week its so funny how many people ask us/me to take pictures with them so you'll see one of them haha anyways i love you all a ton!
Elder Sorenson

February 9th continue...... Fam,
K so this passed weekend i met with my Mission President and he has given me complete freedom on the choice of coming 30 days early to prepare for baseball or to stay and get a good comp to help me prepare for home in the mornings my last few months but he has approved either and said i can go Oct 10 or on Nov.10 but its my choice. I feel that your opinions as my family will greatly help along with much prayer. So send me an email this week and be honest with which choice you feel is best. 

The following pictures:   My truck in the middle getting washed. At a bday party for a member with the other 6 missionaries the kids name is Lehlohonolo or Lucky. and then some random guy asked to take a picture with me, i've been asked alot lately by random people to take pictures with him!

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