Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 22, 2015

The Family, 
   Days are long, weeks are fast. Time just goes these days and for the most part the days are going well. Tuesday we had Zone Conference with Elder Stanley G. Ellis from the First Quorum of the Seventy. Super inspiring conference. Both Elder Ellis and his wife brough alot of motivation into the conference as well as the mission they were super kind but some what strict which was nice for a change cause sometimes our mission is a bit laid back. I learned we never need to doubt that the Lord will be by our side and will help us. He wants to help us, and He can. Remember how He promised Mosiah that He would "deliver" Mosiah's sons from the hands of the Lamanites. And remember that he did so on numerous occasions, including the time that he struck a Lamanite dead, through His miraculous power, to protect Ammon in fulfillment of His promise to Mosiah. The Lord always fulfills His promises even if he has to do it Himself! God promises to reveal to us His ways, and His solutions to our problems, through His Spirit. We need to ask Him, and be worthy of His direction, and we will receive what we need to accomplish great work, even miraculous work. It was a wonderful chance to be around a G.A.
     Anyways the rest of the week went smooth. We left a scripture with Bayanda, the oldest daughter to the Nophakela's, shes 21 and is power. She'll be baptized this Sunday along with 3 others. but the chapter we left was Mosiah 18 which talks about baptism but man this girl is smart. we go to talk to her about it a day later and she loved it but had one question... "How did Alma baptize himself?" haha those are funny questions us missionaries always talk about with each other but i've never had an investigator ask. We kinda explained but we left her to think about it cause we didnt wanna get to deep into it. 
   It was a good week though Saturday we wait about 40 min at the Bluff chapel for our district leader Elder Kakar and his comp Elder Farmer (one of my close missionary friends) to come meet us for Kakar to interview people for baptism but while waiting Elder Webb and i Explored the Chapel grounds since we were quite bored. But after they arrived all 4 people passed their interview and so this sunday we'll have 4 Baptisms.Sunday i gave a talk at church and i wrote the whole thing down so one of these days i'll have to type it up so i dont loose it for future reference. Anyways i love you all tons. keep me posted 
Much Love, 
Elder Alex Sorenson 

PICTURES:  Zone Conference with Elder Ellis (Durban Zone). Me with Elder and Sister Poelman and elder Farmer. On the Chapel Roof. 

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