Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 15, 2015

   Time is just picking up these past few weeks. Tuesday we moved back into our little house that was busted into but it has a little bit better security now. Alarm, Locks, and Gate all improved. The work itself is going pretty good and i dont really have much to say but that each day things go fairly smooth. We stay busy, we work hard and we just get things done. We have 6 people who will be interviewed for baptism this coming Saturday and the Baptized in about 2 weeks. Thats pretty exciting. We taught a Word of Wisdom lesson to a couple of them on Bdate and the right after the lesson gave us the coffee mix that was in their kitchen. Super neat to see someone really grasp the importance of the message of the gospel and not give up things for us but for the testimony they have gained of the gospel. Nothing makes time fly than just working hard and effective each day. Webb and i all the time say "Wow man time is just flying." Maybe its because we get along but truly its just because we both wanna work and get things done. Time going this fast and i'll be home before i know it! i love you all! 
Much Love, 
Elder Sorenson 

PICTURES:  Tyler being naughty in a lesson. Webb's drawing for a shirt we're gonna get and us standing outside a gate while knocking. 

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