Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 2, 2015

    Months are just passing by. Sorry about no email yesterday the website wasnt working for us but we got permission to go to the Rowberry's and email this morning. but truly another week has come and gone. Im happy to hear and see Ben! What a stud... Him and that Ipad! Its nice knowing he's out and is soon to experience some of the best joys anyone can have. This week not much happened. It was transfer we but since Webb and i are staying the same nothing really occured due to transfers except we went to the Rowberry's last week Tuesday and had breakfast and i was able to sit and have a nice gospel/Life discussion with them which i really needed. Im excited and so grateful for the knowledge and testimony that i have been able to get while i have been out here and i cant wait to sit down with people back at home and talk about the gospel and things just in regular life. Maybe its just the mission lifestyle or culture but its nice doing so. Still trying my best to workout hard and work hard in the work. Elder Webb and I enjoy being together and have enjoyed studies together. Last transfer we read pretty thoroughly through the Pearl of Great Price and now this time around we're gonna go through PMG, My companion studies most of my mission have been kinda bogus if not very lame so we decide last transfer we would rather learn thing we both dont know and its truly helped me out seeing how many things i got fix in my life, but i have now started the D&C CountDown my last 140 days reading a section of D&C each day, with the Insitute Manual as a guide to help soak as much out as i can. I read something from the D&C Manual though this week that the Rowberry's suggested to me which was about the Law of Consecration and i thought alot about that throughout the week as we went through the work. Thursday we went and saw Brother Barry, the 83 year old man thats  powerful guy but cant see it in himself and it really eats away at him. Its funny how people really Love the Atonement of Christ but when it comes to themselves they cant really apply it or its hard for them to forgive themselves. The Atonement is there to forgive and forget not to forgive and to dwell on! What a blessing it is to share that with people and give them blessings of comfort in their times of need like early this morning when we were called to the home of a member family who lost someone to suicide last night. I know and have seen the Lord break me apart and put me back together in a new way since i have been on mission, its only through the new form and pieces that i have gained that have helped me help others! i love you all and cant wait to see you all again one day, but for now its time to go back to work! 
Much Love,
Elder Alex Sorenson (The Missionary in Africa)

"When we seek to discover the Best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves."  -William Arthur Ward


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